I'm a Raceaholic!

I have been working really hard to get the fun back into my running. I love to run! But some days it is so hard to look at that training schedule and get excited about what is on the plate. However, there are many times when I look at the schedule and get excited about what I get to do!

So why the mental change?

I think racing. Running in a race truly gets me going. It is fun, fun, fun! It puts a sense of purpose to all my training. It gets me out with other runners and I get to try to beat them, or not, depending on my frame of mind and intent that day. I can race to race or I can race to train. I really don't care, I just want to race!

But here I am in a racing lull and feeling dismal. Okay, perhaps I am not that bad but for all of you who love to race, you know what I mean. 

My last race was in May! May! That was so long ago. Ages ago!

Although I am pleased to announce I am about to enter race heaven! Starting August 20th I get the wonderful privilege of running in a race every two weeks! How cool is that?! But then I wonder if that was a crazy plan to stack races like this so close to my main training goal.

Here is my race plan:
I am telling myself the races will finalize the mental training I need. I can work on starting slow and running negative splits where applicable. On the 20th, I hope to run good and strong. I will race to race, unless something comes up. I even shifted my final 20 mile run to the week prior versus on the 21st when it was scheduled. On the 4th, I am going to race to train. It is not about setting a PR but running. And I planned to run 12-13 miles on that day anyhow so why not run with others and try to start slow? Then on the 18th, I race to succeed! And here, success is finishing well. I could set so many time goals (and I probably will have some wishes tucked in my mind, okay, I do) but I really feel for my first marathon I should just aim to finish smart and finish well. I want to avoid getting hung up on time since I took that approach with my first half and it left me wanting to run more half's.

Are you a raceaholic?

Do you stack races?

Am I crazy to race like this prior to the Maui Marathon?


  1. This seems like a very reasonable race schedule. 10K - work on some speed. Half - Marathon will be a good tune-up before the marathon, and a chance to practice pacing over a longer distance. Make sure recover from the shorter races so you will be strong on the most important race, the marathon.

    I enjoy racing, but I also enjoy training for long periods to make big improvements in my racing. Time trials on your favorite run can be a good replacement for a race.

  2. The races sound like fun! The more racing I do, the less nervous I feel when I'm standing at the starting line and the more I learn about racing.

  3. @ Matt, good point to make sure my runs between the races are recovery runs. I tend to try to push myself and know I will in the races. I need to be "kind" to myself the other days. I love the idea of a virtual race with myself and kind of did one today after work!

    @ Tina, I agree. Racing is the way to learn about racing. You can't really talk yourself your way to the finish line and I really, really need to practice not starting too fast.

  4. So funny. Same post on the same day! As you know, I fully support race-aholics! As long as you set your goals appropriately (don't go for a PR on a half the week before a full for instance), I think anyone can make it work.

  5. Mahalo Lesley! Good luck in your own racing plans!


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