Furlough Day Run - There is always a silver lining!

The negative this week - the company I work for needs to implement cost savings so we are all taking some furlough days again. Gonna have to tighten up the tight budget but hey, I got to spend the day with my darling daughter! It is Admissions Day so no school for her....

So we headed "down-country" and started the day with a nice and easy run. I love, love, love running with her in the jogging stroller! I went 3.61 miles with an average pace of 9'59". My pace was 30 seconds faster but then we started talking and I guess that slows me down. But I am glad I took the chance to talk because those moments you can't make up. I can always run faster next time, like tomorrow at the Beat the Heat 10K race!

Afterwards, we played at the park, went to the aquarium, ate lunch out before picking up some birthday presents (we have three birthdays directly in a row coming up, baby niece (on my anniversary!), niece, and mom....boom, boom, boom!), and made macadamia nut banana muffins for the race tomorrow. Perhaps I should share that recipe!


  1. looking forward to trying a muffin.

  2. sounds like a good time! PS - I tagged you for an award on my last blog post, so when you get a chance, check out the details.

  3. @ Matt, hope you got a muffin and thanks for the encouragement!

    @ Meg O, thanks for tagging me and I will check out it out more later!


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