A Fun Run to Start a Fun Day

Yesterday I made a promise to my daughter. We were going to have fun today! We were not going to do the traditional chores but go out and explore!

Although the day started with a time out for darling daughter I didn't let it bring me down. We packed our bags and headed down to start our day. First on the agenda, RUNNING! I had no goals in mind for today in terms of mileage or time. I just wanted to run with my darling daughter in her jogging stroller. On the way to our destination she did protest but once I parked the car I couldn't get her into the stroller fast enough. I set her up with some Raisin Bran to snack on, put her in charge of my hydration (water with nuun --- and darling daughter loved it and drank half and I should have given her a potty break sooner), and started off along my path!

I must confess today was the first day I can honestly say I did an easy run with my daughter. I have run with her countless times in the jogging stroller of varying intensities but they have always seemed hard. Not today so I was shocked to see my overall pace was 9'26" with her. Really?!

Traditionally I run with her in the 10-minute range. Plus I held this for 3.25 miles. Cool!

Next stop, playground. I ran straight up to the playground and couldn't get her out of the stroller and into her running shoes quick enough for her to go play. We had a lot of fun and she was climbing like a monkey! Her confidence is building so much in this regard.

The next stop was to be the swimming pool near the playground but due to her not listening we skipped that and headed to Costco. She wasn't very happy about that and screamed awhile but eventually calmed down. Once at Costco I treated us to a meal since I was starving! Guess one little frozen waffle before my run wasn't enough. So for under $4 we had a meal and proceeded with our shopping (and stayed in our budget!).

Playing with camera color options
Once we made it home, her disposition was great so I quickly unpacked groceries and headed to the pool up here. What can I say? I really did want to go and I did stick to my guns earlier. She had the consequence for not listening (and sorry, you gotta listen to mommy if we are going to be at a pool). BTW, I even got a good job and well done from the lifeguard. The training pool is frigid and I couldn't bear it so I headed over to the larger 9' deep pool with my daughter. I set her down about 3' from the pool, handed her my sunglasses, and firmly told her to stay put while I quickly jump into the water. Right before I jumped, I looked at her and said "I will be just a minute and told her I am going to jump, go under water, and come right back out to you". I did and when I returned I got my compliment. Phew! I was actually concerned the lifeguard would not approve but I really needed to totally submerge myself (quickly) before I could endure the temperature of the training pool. (FYI - the larger pool is heated slightly and is typically 5 degrees warmer.) We had a blast again and darling daughter even let me dunk her!

Afterwards, we had a late lunch and got a couple of items from the grocery store - 2 free pineapples (a shopping reward), ice cream, and ice cream cones (an indulgence but a special request by darling daughter for afters tonight).

All in all, we are having a great day. There was one more time out awhile ago due to a tired, frustrated girl biting me but I won't dwell on that. She is sleeping peacefully now and I did give her a lot of things to do today!

What do you do when your little runs don't listen?

Were your children biters? How did you overcome this?

What did you do this Saturday for absolute fun?

Any guesses on what I am going to do with two pineapples?

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