fitbook Winner Announced

The entries were tallied, the scientific drawing arranged, and my darling daughter randomly selected the lucky winner of the fitbook PINK. I must reiterate how much I love fitbook! Returning to using it has made a profound difference in my life. I love how you track your nutrition (especially since it is cute) in boxes with a darker box for each suggested serving. It really brings it to light if you start lagging in one category (fruits are my weakness).

And without further adieu, the lucky winner is:

PAULA at paulazeltina at gmail dot com

Please email me at lifeasarunningmom@gmail.com with your full name and physical mailing address by August 9th and I will start the process to get the fitbook to you from fitbook at fitlosophy.



  1. How can you get one of these books? I am a breast cancer survivor so I buy anything with that pink ribbon on it. Pink happens to be my favorite color too.

  2. @ Carolina Girl - You can get one at www.getfitbook.com and I will be giving another one away at 50 followers.

  3. Aug 2 was my mom's birthday and she passed away from breast cancer so I thought it was interesting that I came across your blog which was written on her bday with a fitbook PINK give away. I am the creative director for fitlosophy, the creators of fitbook and fitbook PINK was dedicated to my mom, loved ones we've lost and breast cancer survivors. I think its great that you are using fitbook. Especially fitbook PINK. I've been training for a 1/2 marathon, which I will run in honor of my mom, who loved to run.
    Keep running.

  4. @ blahblahblani, Thank you for stopping by and I have always been active in anything that supports breast cancer research but for no personal reason besides it being an inner drive. I lost my dad to Leukemia and that has become a second drive for me, mainly in my running. your mom is so proud of you and your running.

    Great creations with fitlosophy!


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