Emergency Repair Needed

My Sports Band is falling apart....again. This is my second one of this model and I really don't feel it is holding up as long as my first one. Perhaps because I am running more miles....I am not sure. But the Velcro attachments are coming off of the band; therefore, my iPod falls down my arm and to the wayside.

I love my iPod because of the Nike+ sync and the associated ability to track distance. Yes, I could get a Garmin but I have this whole set-up and it works great, when it stays on my arm.

I feel committed to the iSkin Sports Duo since I know it works, when it isn't falling apart. I tried another brand prior to this and I couldn't use the wheel while it was in the protective shield. That is no good!

So I pulled out my  needle and thread and sewed those Velcro pieces back on but really, is there a better product out there? Any suggestions on a good arm band for iPods that allow you to still use the wheel?

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