Dual Run Day

Typically, Mondays are rest days for me but with me eager to get back into running, I opted to run today, but my plan was to take it easy.

I started my day with a slow, easy-paced 1.06 mile run at a 10% incline. I felt really good afterwards. It wasn't hard and even though my legs felt a bit sluggish, they felt strong (if that makes any sense).

Then my real day began with a play date at the mall with my darling daughter and one of her best friends. The two girls played really well together. It is amazing to watch how play develops and changes between kids as they age. These two (and usually three when the twin sister is with us) have been playing together since they were babies. During the play date I got a text that "operation office move" was underway. Oh no! This was a call of alarm and I headed to work with my darling daughter to put in our two cents worth and to help. Please don't ask too much about this operation --- just know, we had to do it, so we did it. And guess what? We are all happy with the new set-up.

Once I returned home, I jumped back onto the treadmill and ran another 1.1 miles at a 10% incline. Once again, I felt good and my legs felt less sluggish. My pace was better for this run than my AM run so that is encouraging.

Today is a happy day for this Running Mom!

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  1. Hurray for a good run!!! So glad it went well :)!


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