The Best 1.43 Miles Ever!

As a running mom I have learned to appreciate the small gifts in life. You know the gifts I am talking about...the gifts that allow a mom to be herself.

Today was a CRAZY day at work. I didn't leave when I thought so the run at the gym was eliminated so I could go home to my family at my somewhat normal time. Why do I do this? Because I am a mom and love my family and they really do come first. So after some hugs with darling daughter, I got her a-ok to run a bit before we showered. This was a win-win since she got to play a bit more with Legos and I got to run.

So to return the favor, I made my run short and powerful. I jumped on my 10% incline treadmill and progressively increased the pace of my first mile and then did some running afterwards to do some running on "tired" legs. The end result: 1.43 miles with an overall pace of 10'31". A great pace for running on the home treadmill!

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