Beat the Heat Race Reflections

What darling daughter does when we run
I must confess, moments before the race I still didn't know if I was going to be racing or doing a training run. My left piriformis is still whining a bit and I didn't want to risk an injury. But once the run commenced I couldn't resist giving it all I had. I really, really, really wanted to beat my time from last year. And by the way, last year I placed 1st in the women's 35-39 division. I had too much pride to not do my best.

However, this year the divisions were different. There was the open division (under 40) and masters division (40 and above). But that didn't change my state of mind.

So how did the race go? My dear hubby left me behind at the start. Bye bye dear (but really, next time can you just tell me you plan to leave me behind?). I started a bit fast and tried to maintain that pace as long as I could. Two guys in orange passed me about 1/3 into the run. Okay, I will deal with that but no way on Earth am I going to let some girl pass me! (Sorry ladies...I must draw the line somewhere.)

Running hard to the end
I knew the course since I have raced and trained here and the hills can get to me at times. I don't know why but on the return the hills seem to really get to me. One day I may get to evaluating the elevation charts to just see if there is a real difference or if it is just a body/mental difference. If it is the second, I will need to work on overcoming that ridiculous hurdle! But my splits indicate that the second half was indeed a slower run for me. (Bummer!) On the bright side, I did pass up one of those guys in orange in that second half (yeah!) and as much as I wanted to pass that girl way up there, no luck for me today.

The end result, I completed this almost 10K (6.05 miles) in 50'55". I placed 3rd in the female open division and I was 19th out of all 41 runners (I really need to work my way up that pack a bit....I know I am a middle child but it is time to get out of the middle of the pack and lead more!). I am very happy with my results but mainly because I shaved 2'22" off of my run time from last year!

Recovered quickly
I look forward to this race again in 2012. I want to see how my new training plan, which will incorporate strength training and core exercises, will make a difference. And yes, I am already planning my post-marathon training. Don't we all a month before we actually run the race?

And what happened after the race? My dear hubby (who placed 3rd in male masters division) had to head back to work so my darling daughter and I enjoyed the potluck and view. I had the wonderful privilege of talking to some other runners, including Matt Holton, who is just as inspiring in person as he is in the blog world. On the way home, I decided to pick my daughter up a movie from Redbox since she is so stellar and we ended up having slumber party night! Life is perfect!

Our favorite pose!

The best kiss ever!

Slumber party preparations!

I'm ready....come on darling daughter!


  1. Nice to meet you in person and happy training.

  2. sounds like a great race! I love that pic of you holding your daughter upside down. So cute :)

  3. Congrats on beating the time by 2+ minutes and placing 3rd!

  4. Thanks for all the positive comments!


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