Working on Speed

I have been grouchy this week. Call it hormones, call it too many late nights, call it whatever you will but it is beginning to annoy me.

Typically, when the grouchies hit me I just run out the door and run! Problem solved, I am calm and peaceful. But for some reason this week my normal tricks aren't working (so perhaps it is the lack of sleep after all).

So what am I doing about it? My training week is changing a bit as I am focusing on speed work because this is the type of run that can usually obliterate the grouchies. I did end up doing a second workout yesterday after work and for that I am grateful. All the treadmills at the gym were taken so my dream of sprint intervals vanished and was replaced by the Stairmaster. Have you ever got onto one of those things at the gym? It has been a long time for me since my recent gym-stair experiences have been the Stairclimber. The Stairmaster is tall and there you are above every one working your little heart out. I had 30 minutes to devote to my after work indulgence and I did climbing intervals instead fo sprint intervals. How did it work out? It was hard and just what I needed! I felt good and relaxed (but remember what I said about those grouchies returning?).

Today I overslept (once again reiterating that perhaps I am a bit sleep deprived right now) but I still mustered up the power to get to the gym for my pre-work workout. But I only had 30 minutes (again) and I needed some time with the foam roller today. So I jumped on the treadmill and did speed intervals for 20 minutes and loved it!

Why do I love the treadmill for speed work? I like that you set your pace and the treadmill does force you to keep it. No one wants to fall off, right? And I am competitive enough to not turn down the pace if I am feeling tired and crazy enough to increase the pace to keep pushing myself to maintain the proper rate of perceived exertion. I honestly feel for me speed intervals on the treadmill are more beneficial than me doing the same on a track. But I guess I would have to give the track a try to verify my theory!

After my intervals, I did devote some time to a foam roller and guess what, my trigger points weren't as achy as I thought they were. There was just one really, really bad one and it hurt so good to focus on releasing that muscle.

It is so small, yet so good!
Sneak Peak into fitbook

This week had made me reflect on different ways to set goals and document progress. Recently, I have been propelled to focus on my long term goal of running a marathon and the log I picked up at the time I set this goal lasted one year. In the front, it has an area to chart out your year and then every four weeks you set your plan. I think this has some merit but can you really truly set a good plan for yourself 4 weeks out? I trust I can set my long runs but what about the other training and adapting for good days and bad days? What about setting SMART goals that truly are aligned with your progress?

other log - place to map out your month

What I love about fitbook is that although you set an overall goal 3 months out, you are propelled to look at your training week by week by setting weekly plans. This makes more sense to me. I will always have my larger goal and anticipated pathway to get there, but I like the idea of evaluating the completed week, looking at my pathway for the next week, and setting SMART goals for achieving it the next week. This allows you to factor in life and your progress in training. It sets you up for success but forcing you to really look at where you are and where you want to be.

fitbook - mapping out your week

I bought the year long training log since I felt it was necessary and I felt it was a financial value. A whole year for less than a year of fitbooks. But honestly, don't we all know you get what you pay for? I will stick with the fitbooks in the future and can't wait to return to them. (But I can't waste a log, can I?)

Stay tuned for more glimpses into fitbook and a chance to win one!


  1. i also have some of my best speedwork on the treadmill, not sure why but I will mentally push through it.

    I am really interested in this fit book!

  2. Treadmills do keep me focused and the giveaway will be launched soon....probably next week with the way my schedule is going.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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