What have I been doing?

Holiday weeks are indeed great weeks and I am enjoying each moment of the week!

I typically work Tuesday through Friday, which means long days to get my 40 hours in but wait, Monday was a holiday and there you go, 8 hours completed! What does that mean to a running mom? I could actually catch a few more zzz's this week (needed for proper recovery) and run until my little heart is content. Although for that second part, I don't know if I will ever be able to run as much as I dream I could because even during holiday weeks, life has commitments and I have other things that I need (and want) to do.

But yesterday I treated myself to pure indulgence. Lovely, fantastic, mind-boggling indulgence! I had already clocked in some extra hours on Tuesday and Wednesday so I got the a-ok to leave work super early yesterday. Yep, I was done my noon and headed out to run. My training plan had me slated to run 9 miles yesterday and I was going to achieve my goal (and even got some extra sleep!). I ended up running 9.42 miles with the goal of maintaining a somewhat consistent pace, which really means, NO, Running Mom, you may not do speed work or do intervals today. Could you please refrain yourself and just run? 

I achieved my goal of consistency and maintained a pace of 8'49" (give or take 5-10 seconds or so).

Afterwards, I picked up my daughter early from school and we ran some errands and I treated us to a very diluted Powerade while we shopped. I needed a drink and remember, I am trying to avoid those diet cokes?

Dinner was spicy chicken wings with a touch of oniony mashed potatoes and a wonderful tomato side salad. I improvised on the side salad and cut some grape tomatoes in half, added some capers, sliced up a little monterey jack cheese, and topped with roasted flax seeds and a sprinking of black pepper (fresh ground). Yummy!

But that wasn't the end of my indulgence. After my darling daughter fell asleep, my dear hubby treated me to a back and leg massage and then off to bed I went.

Today all I could think about when I woke up was cross training. After reviewing my training for the week I justified my instictual decision. Due to me missing some runs awhile back my weekly mileage total is a bit off from my plan. So even if I did cut the miles back today, I would still increase mileage this week and that includes the 20 miles I have on my schedule for Sunday. In fact, I would be increasing from approximately 35 miles last week (my max so far that I could see in my quick review) to 40 miles this week. Sounds reasonable.

So after a 1.04 mile warm-up (I had to run something, right?) I did some time on the cycle with a random profile then hopped on over to work on my abs. I can't remember the last time I really devoted morning time to my core. And what did I do in the rest intervals between ab sets? Stretched my glutes and hamstrings, of course!

Then it is off to work for me in my pre-pregnancy jeans that are fitting me just the way I like them!  

What a good start to the day!


  1. Pre-pregnancy jeans - you go girl! You look AWESOME!! Congrats on maintaining your goal pace, too - you are speedy!

  2. Courtney, thanks for the compliments and I am trying to get speedier! Interval training and pushing the final mile on most runs seems to be working for me.


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