Waking up to pain

It happened again and of course, I panicked! I woke up to pain in my hip. Not terrible pain. Not painful enough to stop walking or stay home from work. Just painful enough to get me worrying. Why would I worry about a little nagging pain?

Just before Christmas last year I woke up to pain. It was a little more pronounced than today's. It was in a different location. But I woke up to it just the same. My choice then - still go to the gym but do some cylcling instead of running to give my body a break. The next day, I got back into running. Shortly thereafter, the pain worsened and before I knew it, I could barely move and pain was going down my leg. So of course, I go to the doctor to fix me. The doctor's advice - I had a nerve issue. Just keep walking. Do NOT lay down because it will do me no good. So like a good little girl, I listened. BAD idea! The pain worsened and I turned into one grouchy mom who made the whole family miserable as I cried in pain and couldn't move around on my own very well. Somehow I managed to get into the car and my dear family gladly took me back to the doctor.

I hobbled into the examining room and saw a different doctor this time. He took one look at me, knew I was serious, and asked what was up. I went through the whole scenario again. I woke up in pain. I don't see how it is associated to my running since I didn't do anything major the day before the pain. He watched me hobble and said, it was not a nerve thing. I had a torn muscle or tendon and he did the same thing. (Yes, this doctor happened to be a runner and a cyclist....I love it when doctors understand!)

He gave me an anti-inflammatory shot, sent me to x-rays to verify it wasn't anything else (it wasn't), and by the time I hobbled back to him (being escorted by the x-ray technician) he could tell the pain was beginning to ease up. Which really meant, now I was just in excruciating pain versus extremelely excruciating pain and 'you really want me to move?' pain.

Oh and by the way, his advice, lay down and relax!

I followed his advice. Did the icing. Took the week of anti-inflammatory meds and amost 7 months later....I am pretty much me again. I only say pretty much since I do things differently now. I do targeted stretching focusing on my glutes and hamstrings. I do routine foam rolling. Things I never did before. And it is working.

But I woke up in pain today. Once again, different pain but pain.

What am I doing (besides panicking about the impact on my training)?

I am not running today. I will take a day to rest and recover. It is a recovery week. I can afford it and the benefits far outweigh the risk of making something worse. Perhaps I am overcompensating but I really don't care.

I have an icy hot patch on my hip. I took ibuprofen (I don't routinely do this). And I have my dad's prayer blanket with me at work. It is a security thing and I really won't look funny since it is cold at work...really cold. And most importantly, I prayed. I put myself into God's hands and placed my trust in Him. Other than that, there isn't much I can do.

How am I feeling now? It has been a couple of hours and I am feeling better. But I am glad I left all my running gear at home so I don't get tempted to run later. And yes, this was an intentional move on my part since I really can give into temptation!

Once home, I am sure my dear hubby will keep me off the treadmill as I also left him a note letting him know I woke up in pain.

But to leave this post on a postive note. Check out my current placement in some Nike+ challenges I entered!

211 miles in 2011
Place 497 of 20,706 as of last night
in top 2.5%

700km (435 miles) in 2011
Place 33 of 453 challengers as of last night
in top 7.3%

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