Thankful Tuesday (and full of questions)

  1. Food dehydrators! I am so thankful that I broke down and purchased that food dehydrator what seems like months ago, but may only be weeks. I am getting my use out of it and am even getting used to the annoying ongoing noise of dehydration that can last up to 12 hours. Okay, I have learned to take many outside breaks during the process but it is indeed worth it. I have dehydrated bananas, apples, and pineapples to date. My family's favorite? Pineapples! What should I try next?
  2. Icy Hot patches! Since Christmas I have had a troublesome piriformis muscle (perhaps, the doctors can't all agree but I trust the doc that is a cyclist and a runner and who had the same injury). I am also saying perhaps because I have been informed by my masseuse that we have six gluteus muscles that essentially all go to the same attachment and it is hard to say for certain which one is the trigger. But regardless, I have a pain in my butt that annoys me. Although, now it is only a haunting remembrance of real pain and I have found, when it gets cranky, and icy hot patch one day through work makes it so much happier!
  3. Pacing Charts! I must confess, in preparation for developing my marathon plan I turned to the pacing charts you can get from Runner's World online. (It's the marathon pace band and you need to sign on to access the free feature.) My original goal was to just break 4:30 based on my half marathon performance times. This would mean I would  need to pick up the pace from my last half marathon but really, I should be able to do that. The race got me with the humidity and I really should have had a GU gel or something. But I wasn't doing that at that time. But here is my dilemma. I printed out two plans. My "I will be happy with" 4:30 goal and my "I would really like" 4:16. Just don't ask why I chose 4:16. The thing is, my current pace for long runs exceeds the paces for both....substantially. Do I aim higher for my first marathon? Could I break a 4:00? Or is that just setting myself up for disappointment since my longest run yet is a mere 18 miles?


  1. I've run 10 marathons and always seem to be disappointed if I set my goal too much faster than my long run pace. At least for me, it's been a recipe for crash-and-burn.

    It's only my $.02 but I'd say slow down and have fun.

    Great job on the miles!

  2. Cory, thanks for the 2 cents worth and I really do appreciate it. I contemplated this question too during my training run today and think I will set three goals. I will be happy to break 4:30, very happy to break 4:16, and ecstatic to break 4:00. I don't want to disregard first marathon jitters and want to set an achievable goal. For my first half my goal was just to finish but I feel I am better trained and can establish realistic time goals. I will keep y'all posted.

  3. Looks like some reasonable goals - smart thinking!

  4. To Tina, thanks. I am prone to pushing myself hard, which is probably why I love to run and keeping raising my distance goals. But I also try to set smart goals and that is probably aligned with my business and animal behavior training management. :)

    I really do want to set myself and everyone up for success!


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