A stomach bug and a new giveaway?

I have been knocked off of my feet and have spent more time lying down recently than I think I have ever done!

Yes, I have been hit by an awful stomach bug, which of course, impacts training. As of today, I am down two runs for this week. However, I am still too sick to really care too much about it. Or perhaps, I know there is plenty of time between now and race day so I am fine. I also know I am in a good training position so I am good to go.

But perhaps, I realize now that those aches I felt on Saturday and the crazy stomach since were all precursors to yesterday when the bug knocked me over. All of a sudden, I am feeling pretty darn good about my performance Sunday. I wasn't upset about it but now I am feeling even better about it.

I owe you all information on the upcoming giveaway of a $25 gift certificate since my blog has passed 25 followers. Yeah! I will try to get to it today but honestly, my head needs to hit the pillow again and I hope to return to my normal self tomorrow.


  1. feel better, get lots of rest!

  2. Oh no!!! Hope you get better quickly!!! Take some time out and rest!

  3. Thanks for all the kind comments. I will be back to running soon, I am sure.


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