The Smart Long Run

First, thanks for all of the advice I received when I asked how I should proceed with today's long run when I felt so awful yesterday.

I ended up sticking to my plan and headed out as early as possible with dear hubby to do my run. He knew where to drop me off and we had a meet up plan that would be somewhat in the middle of my run. My hope was that running with him would give me the support I needed to get to 22 miles.

My plan was great but my body didn't hold up as well as I anticipated.

I started out with a reasonable pace and was aiming on not starting too fast as I wanted to finish stronger. Essentially, I wanted to incorporate negative splits. I was feeling really good for really long. I didn't even feel too bad when I ran up the dreaded Wailea hill with my dear hubby at about mile 14 (or was it 15?). Our pace slowed but I didn't feel like I was dying. That came about a mile or so later. All of a sudden my legs felt like lead and my whole body ached.

I tried to focus on running in the now and not thinking about what I had left to do to get to 22 miles. However, I did decide we could turn earlier to head back. My thought was that if I got to feeling stronger, which has happened before, I could pass my end point and head back again.

As the end point approached, I was still feeling like I was running beyond empty and I kept telling myself this was an awesome training run. I really wanted to see what I would do when my mind and body kept telling me to stop. So what did I do? I bargained with myself at mile 19. I told myself if I could pick up the pace for one more mile I could call it a good run at 20 miles (remember, my goal was 20-22 miles and I did receive some advice that if I had to do 16, it would be okay...thanks Matt!). I made it pass the 16 mile mark already and I think I shocked dear hubby when I picked up the pace for my final mile.

I really did hope that when I found that inner strength it would carry me a little longer...okay, a little longer than it did. I wanted this to be my longest run yet and I made it to 20.14 miles (0.01 longer than my last longest run). And trust me, when I hit that mark I felt I had nothing else to give. Therefore, I see today as a successful run with an average pace of 9'09". Not my best pace but I didn't give up as early as I wanted to. My splits are below.

Icing afterwards
So does this run scare me about my performance at a marathon when I need to go longer? Not at all. I still have weeks of training to improve upon my base and performance. I really think I was hurting as a result of being dehydrated yesterday (yes, as I drank a lot I began to feel better but I probably wasn't at prime), and I don't know if lentil soup was the best dinner I should have had last night.

Once that marathon comes, I will have all my ducks in a row and I will succeed!!

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  1. you may not have done the entire 22 miles, but you still did awesome, great pace as well! And you finished so strong! You're right, you should not be worried, you will absolutely be ready for the marathon!

  2. You. Are. Amazing!!! Way to go you!!! Congrats on achieving your longest run yet!!! Take what you can, when you can, and celebrate even the tiniest successes!! I am proud of you! Good pace as well! You should never be worried, you will do amazing come marathon time!!

  3. Aloha and mahalo to the both of you. I am really trying to see the small successes and not be too hard on myself. And I should be so grateful I am not dealing with the heat like so many others. It may be warmer here a tad but it stays pretty constant.


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