Running Advice Needed

I feel terrible today. My whole body aches and my head is throbbing and my stomach is a bit unsettled. Some of this may just be a monthly hormone thing too.

I think it is due to a long meeting (8+ hours) outside yesterday in the sun. I really think I am dehydrated and plan to drink plenty of water today and take some vitamin C.

But here is the thing: I have a 20-22 mile run on my schedule tomorrow that I really, really want to do. I even have someone lined up to watch my darling daughter and my dear hubby will be meeting me at the halfway point to finish with me.

Do I run on? When do I make the final running call? What would you do?

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  1. I would definitely make sure it wasn't dehydration. If so, get hydrated, see how I feel the morning of the run and then knowing me, go for it.

  2. Depends how you feel tomorrow. If you are no better, just getting a run in would be good. If you feel alright to good, I would think about a 16-18 miler. Add more miles and focus to your next long run.

  3. I think you should make sure it wasn't dehydration! Get plenty of fluids in for now and rest. See how you feel in the morning. If your feeling alright- you know your body, trust your instincts here- run, if your still feeling "off" I wouldn't go.

  4. Thanks for all of the advice. I have to confess, I am beginning to feel better already and I have been focusing on drinking water, water, water.

    Part of it might be hearing the support to follow my instincts. If I am how I am or better in the morning, I am sticking to my plan. The good thing, is I will have dear hubby placed halfway with the car where we will do an out and back to that point for the final 11 miles. It is a plan that allows me to make an adjustment if deemed necessary.

    Many mahalos again!

  5. Hope you're feeling better and could do your run! For me, I usually see how I feel the morning of the run. If I'm feeling better, I go for it, but start slow and see how I feel.

  6. @ TX Runner Mom - Yes, I ended up doing my run today but only got to just over 20 miles. I hit a really hard portion and will be posting about my run later. All in all, I am happy. I needed to hit that tough area and push through and although I didn't make it to 22 today, my goal was 20-22.


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