Maui Marathon - T minus 77 days

June's update as part of the Maui Marathon T minus x-months series. You can read my last update HERE.

I decided as the day gets closer, I need to be more specific on my time out. 2 months just didn't seem right for this update since I really do have 77 days of training, anticipation, nervous jitters, or whatever else may come my way.

June has come and gone quicker than anything and I can't believe the stats I have for this month. They are crazy! I ran 131.05 miles, my greatest monthly mileage yet. I even had one "off" day where I cut the run really short and did some cycling and cross training instead. I ran 4 long runs (12.01 miles, 16 miles, 10.21 miles tempo run, 18.08 miles). This is up from last month just due to me increasing my distance. I ran 6 medium runs (distances must be between 5-10 miles). This is down from last month but I am not concerned really about this category. My weekly run average is up to 4.9 from 4.8, which means I am staying healthier and injury free. Keep those fingers crossed.

I must confess - I missed the 5K race I had on my schedule for June. I know, shame on me, but instead I did my 5K race at home on my home treadmill and took my daughter to two birthday parties. Yes, two birthday parties on the same day, back-to-back. And many mahalos to the two sets of parents who graciously scheduled the parties at the exact same park! So all I had to do is walk to the car and get the next round of birthday presents and walk to the other side of the park.

My upcoming training plans are entirely focused on increasing mileage and my endurance, stretching, and mental training. My dear hubby changed his work schedule so I can now do my long runs on Sunday before he goes into work. Thank goodness! This really does alleviate some nagging scheduling issues and concerns I had.

June also brought some new additions to my running gear. I got a new pair of Brooks running shoes (love them!), an iFitness arm band for holding my gel (blessing!), new tunes (thank you to me!), and mix1 protein smoothies to drink prior to long runs (yippee!).

July's Hurdles:
  • Overcoming mental challenge of increasing run mileage into the 20's
  • Nutritional goals - eliminating diet coke and alcohol from my diet (or at least, seriously cutting it back)
  • Ensuring I have the time to increase weekly running time and still be attentive to my family

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