In LOVE with fitbook!

I love details and I love to analyze things. I am also completely committed to my training and want to monitor my progress. Therefore, I document my runs meticulously (and sometimes in multiple places).

The best avenue to do this is with a fitbook! The main selling point of a fitbook is that it is small and can easily fit into my purse. Yes, I just confessed, I love to carry my training log with me and it goes with me almost everywhere! To work, to the gym, to the store....I think you get the point. But do I really pull out that book and look at it where ever I am....sadly (or gladly if you are a runner who understands)....yes!

So what are some more selling points about the fitbook that I like (besides the small size)?
  • It has a place at the start to put your information in case you and your precious fitbook ever get separated.
  • It prompts you to identify and write down your 12-week plan, current weight and other health stats, and goals.
  • It provides you ample space to log your weekly plan, stats, goals, and REWARDS for success! I have never seen another training log that prompts and reminds you to reward yourself.
  • It includes the categories of strength training, cardio, flexibility, food, and nutrients so you can track all aspects of your training and fitness.
  • It provides space for a weekly wrap-up and analysis.

What are some of the downsides?
  • I do wish they offered versions longer than 12 weeks for those who have longer-termed goals.
  • It is hard to fit all my running into the cardio section but you can always add it elsewhere. And on that note, I keep hearing a runner's version is on its way so if we all ask, perhaps it will become available super quick!!!
Check out the fitbook and let me know what you think. Would you like one? Do you want a runner's version? How do you log and keep track of your training?

If you have a fitbook, today is your last day to blog about it and perhaps win one! Go to fitbook's facebook page to learn more.


  1. Forgot to mention....I am trying to win two fitbooks so I can have one and give one away to one of my readers!

  2. Christy1:35 AM

    Thanks for the info!


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