Foam Rolling Tips

My foam roller is my best friend.

Okay, perhaps not for communication but for injury prevention and my own personal rehap....it is the best.

I did look at the general instructions initially and through trial and error I have found my own trigger points and sometimes it hurts so good! This is when I know I need to keep foam rolling!

My problem child is my left piriformis muscle and although I seem to be doing okay with it and the foam roller, I always am looking for ways to be more effective. I have found a good video demonstrating good form for using the foam roller for your piriformis muscle. I tried his tips and it made a huge difference in a quicker release --- and isn't that what we are after?

Jai's advice was so helpful on my glutes I thought perhaps I would look and see what he suggested for my hamstrings to see if it was equally helpful. And yes, sweet success! The tips he provided were quite useful to how to better position myself for one leg, to straighten my back more, and how to alter the effect with toe placement.

Do you foam roll?
Where are your trigger points?
What are your secret tips for more effective foam rolling?


  1. I've been reading more and more about these. I have been thinking about trying it out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. To Mommy Miles, I say give them a try. It is definitely worth it and I must confess, my foam rolling has done me more good than going to get a massage. Perhaps because I am more in control of where my need is. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love love love my foam roller, I deal with hamstring issues, I love to roll it morning and night!

  4. Thanks for posting this! I have issues with my right piriformis and the crossover thing helped! I found trigger points on the left side I didn't know I had - lol

  5. @Molly, Thanks for your post and stopping by!

    @ Courtney, That crossover thing was magic wasn't it!

  6. Like your post on the foam roller. I just my foam roller every day. Keeps my ITB in good running shape. :)

  7. i swore that i just wouldn't use one forever, i mean that thing hurts. now i have this weird love for the pain and it truly does help with ITB!

  8. @ Cool Down Runner, thanks and I am happy to hear it is working wonders for so many people!

    @ Amanda, I know! That thing really hurts but I am so glad Kendrick at Kendrick Fitness advised my to use one. It has made a huge difference!

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