Easy 15 miles for me, First new longest run for dear hubby

My training plan had me slated to run 15 miles today and my dear hubby wanted to tag along and give it a try. I told him sure but he needed to carry his own drink. He wasn't too keen on that because he doesn't like running carrying things. Who really does? But he agreed and carried the diluted Gatorade I prepared him.

My pre-run meal was some PowerBar and a mix1 (mixed berry). I have found I need to shake the mixed berry one more than the blueberry vanilla to get rid of some little chunkies. If you like the chunkies, shake normal. Dear hubby had a bowl of Kix with chocolate syrup on top. Really, it did look good and I may try eating something like that one day but I was eating on the go...again. He was eating while I got all the gear together for our darling daughter's play date while we ran.

We ran 15.1 miles and our average pace was 8'58". Shhhhh...don't tell dear hubby I tried to keep the pace slower for him, eased up at times, and that he ran an extra 0.1 miles. It kinda snuck in on us during confusion at mid-point. But it was a crazy  mid-point that involved a HUGE cane truck (empty of load) and me resisting running in front of the cane truck when dear hubby wanted me to veer that direction. And then communicating the turnaround to dear hubby with a lot of cane truck noise was a bit hard too. But it all worked out.

Run Course (B-A-B)
And remember that story about a certain person who had to "walk uphill both to and from school, in the snow, with no shoes"? Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, perhaps not! Today we ran with a headwind on our out and back course. Really? That is possible?

I consumed two GU gels on my run, 5 miles apart, as this is the plan I have for the marathon. Dear hubby appreciated his drink after all as demonstrated by the bottle being empty at the end. I carried my own plain water for hydration needs since I felt I didn't need a sports drink with the gels.


  1. sounds like a great run for you both!

  2. Aloha Shellyrm, It was fantastic and I hope to do another long run with dear hubby in the near future!


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