Breaking through the rut

I think I have found my way to greener pastures....finally!

One thing I have benefited from recently through running and blogging is finding comfort in the fact that I am not alone when I find myself in that dark, dreaded rut. It has been plaguing me recently and today, I really feel I found the true exit. Not that pretend one that just wraps around straight back into that same rut you are trying so hard to pull yourself out of.

I have found my passion for running again by finding my positive attitude again. I can be hard on myself. Really hard. I don't think there is anyone out there who can be harder on me than me. Why do I do this to myself? I don't know but it does have the benefit of me having the capability to push myself to success. But it has that dreaded downfall of being too hard on myself when I am not achieving the goals I set for myself.

Case in point. Earlier this week I had a great workout with paces I should be really happy with. However, since it wasn't exactly what I planned to do because of that dreaded rut and my hectic life, I wasn't happy with the workout. Does it benefit me to think poorly of myself in this case? Absolutely not!

Today I woke up in that same rut but I was beginning to see the light. I remembered ruts in the past where I just did nothing. This time, I am still getting out there and doing something. I may be doing more cross training but I am not laying around gloomy. I made it to the gym this morning with the same mantra I have been giving myself all week --- you just need to do at least 20 minutes of something. If you do more, great. If not, it is okay.

I cycled today and spent a little time leafing through a Shape magazine before I tossed it to the floor to really feel the cycling in my legs. I left my iPod in my gym bag and listened to the music at the gym. And I reflected on my training and realized, I am doing great! I am staying active and even squeezed in a second workout on a day where I felt my morning workout wasn't enough.

Hello fitbook, here I come!
Yes, I have detoured from my plan recently but I am not lost. I know where my end point is and I will make it there. And I decided, I am going to toss my old log aside and get into my fitbook logging again starting this Monday. Why? Because I keep telling you how awesome the fitbook is so why am I waiting to start using it again? I want to sit down, analyze my past week, and set SMART goals for next week. I need to set myself up for success. I need to see my small improvements and reward myself for getting things done instead of getting down on myself for veering off a course I set up months ago.


  1. I think the majority of the endurance athletes I know, can be hard on themselves. I'm guilty of it too. But - you're moving in the right direction by staying positive and seeing how great you are truly doing! Keep it up and thanks for being a role model. :)

  2. Your completely inspiring!! Your too hard on yourself- I think most women are! Way to keep moving in the right direction, and know, that there are many piddly runners out there (like me) that look up to you!! Keep on truckin'! visit me @ http://notyouraveragerunningmom.blogspot.com/

  3. Sometimes looking back at our exercise log (or fit book) and seeing how many times we exercised when we didn't feel like it can help... As long as we remember to record our workouts!

  4. @ B.o.B. - I think that toughness we have on ourselves is part of what makes us successful in the long run and thanks for the encouragement!

    @ Lacey Sue, Mahalo and I know you are right. Women are hard on themselves but I think it is because we are capable of so much! Everyone is for that matter. Heading your way in a minute!

    @ Tina, I went a period of time without using a log book since mine was used up. That was the worst training period of my life. I really do need to reflect upon and analyze my training to keep me in perspective.


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