and it just keeps getting longer...

Today's goal: 20 miles. It would be my new longest run. My longest to date is 18 miles.

I would love to say I woke up and that everything in life was perfectly aligned for success, but that really wasn't the case. There was some whining, temper tantrums, and a little fighting before I put my feet on the ground to run. Not the way I want to head out on the longest run of my life but it is what I had to conquer today. And yes, I wanted to throw in the towel, toss the run to the side to be done another day, but dear hubby wouldn't let me. Mahalo!

It took me a few miles to get into a groove and I honestly felt during those first 3 miles I was forcing myself to get into a consistent pace more so than usual. My splits ended up being:

  • Mile 1: 8'21"
  • Mile 2: 8'06"
  • Mile 3: 8'14"
My mind was a little too focused on the large goal at hand and it took some time for me to focus on my mini-milestones. I like to think of the next GU because it forces me to access my body, how I am feeling, and develop a plan for my next carb replenishment. Besides the 4 GU gels I packed, I was carrying a 12 oz bottle of very diluted Gatorade. I was set. (Pre-run was most of a PowerBar and a mix1).

At mile 5 I took my first GU.

For the first almost 8 miles I was running a pretty much flat course. I encountered more runners on this path today because it seems the Army recruits were in training and they were struggling! I don't know what they were running but one struggling guy's time was 15'10". Moments later I passed two more walking with a random jogging step here and there. They were being closely trailed by their supervisor in a vehicle behind them. That would make me want to run faster!

Around mile 8 I was happy to be moving into my next phase of running. I had already run from Kahului to Kihei. The elevation profile would now be slightly hillier but there was now a cool breeze, and I needed that!

  • Mile 4: 8'10"
  • Mile 5: 8'12"
  • Mile 6: 8'22"
  • Mile 7: 8'36"
  • Mile 8: 8'45"

I knew my pace was fluctuating more and wondered how much of it had to do with the slight rolling hills. I really think it may be becasue I was now running where I needed to be more alert. There are more crosswalks, more obstacles, more cars to watch. The terrain was also less pristine with sandy patches, gravel, and uneven or nonexistant shoulders.

I took my second GU at mile 9.

Around mile 12 I took a detour to a public bathroom at a beach park and then took another slight detour shortly thereafter to fill up my water bottle at another beach park's water fountain.

  • Mile 9: 8'10"
  • Mile 10: 8'45"
  • Mile 11: 8'53"
  • Mile 12: 8'59"

I was now venturing into Wailea and the inclines were becoming more pronounced but the scenery is very pleasant. I was running with many other runners running in different directions and one guy kept passing me with the way he was running his loops. It was a bit discouraging for a moment but when I veered off to the "big" incline and he didn't, I felt strong.

  • Mile 13: 8'58"
  • Mile 14: 8'37"
  • Mile 15: 8'47"
  • Mile 16: 9'03"

At mile 14 I took my 3rd GU and passed my end point. I really was feeling the inclines and imagined I had a constant uphill climb in front of me. I knew that was not the case but really, I feel there is more uphill than downhill. I pushed myself to the turnaround point two miles away and told myself not to worry about pace. Take it slow if I needed. Just keep running. I also told myself I could have my spare GU, the 4th, if I wanted.

  • Mile 17: 8'55"
  • Mile 18: 9'19"

I took that 4th GU at mile 17. At mile 18 I turned back to my ending point. I tried to convince myself it was all downhill from here since I felt I was going all uphill that past two miles. Logically I knew that wasn't the case. Emotionally I must have too because I called on my dad for support. I usually bring him into my final mile but needed him for the final two today. And yes, I really think I said "Dad, I need you now" out loud. Did anyone hear? Well, my dad did and he always seems to have my spirit guide with him too.

For the final two miles I received thoughts of when to drink, to keep my pace as is, that a downhill is just a few steps away, etc. I even ran pass my endpoint a bit to a large tree I was determined to make it to and then turned around to head to the beach. Why? I felt I could do it. I wanted to prove I could. And most importantly, I knew that final stretch was going to be an awesome downhill so I could push myself a bit more now.

  • Mile 19: 9'08"
  • Mile 20: 9'17"

Total miles: 20.12 miles
Total time: 2:54'41"
Overall pace: 8'41"

How do I feel? Awesome! (with achy legs)

What was the grossest thing I saw on my run? A dead cat, which made me really glad I do pay close attention to where I put my feet.

What was the sadest? A lady crying in a car but fortunately she wasn't by herself.

What was the most unexpected? The intense aroma of blossoms during one portion.

What was the most annoying? A van screeching brakes for no reason.

What was the happiest? Getting to my endpoint, seeing my family, crashing on the blanket, and my daughter immediately offering me some cutie. Yes please!


  1. Awesome 20!!! You sound like you had a plan, and stuck to it, and it worked great! :)I am soooo jealous of your scenery!!

  2. Many mahalos Lisa. I was just thinking last night I need to take a few pictures along my runs to share. And yes, I am quite meticulous about plans in all aspects of my life. It drives dear hubby crazy at times....

  3. Great job on 20 miles. Looks like your training is going well for the Marathon. I am sure you can do a 24 mile training run or even more. My only suggestion for your next long run is to flip your pacing - run your first 5 miles (or first 1/4 of your long run) @ the pace you ran your last 5 miles (slower then your average pace). And run the last 5 miles @ the pace your ran your first 5 (8:20 - 8:06). Great job on your training.

  4. Thanks Matt for the advice and yes, I do want to try to do negative splits for my next long run. I was also thinking about doing and out and back course to negate any course impacts so I could focus more on pace.

    Also, I was going to ask about what my longest training run should be! Thanks for being the first to answer.

  5. That's a fast average pace! Negative splits is a smart idea. Unfortunately, summer heat has made that really hard for me lately but looking at your splits, I think you could do that next time like you mention in your comment.

  6. Thanks Tina. I really do try to do negative splits and can incorporate them well on the treadmill but once I hit the pavement, it is more of a struggle for me. Something I need to keep working on.


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