6 Miles to Flush out Injustice

I awoke to talk about a trial, a trial I wasn't following at all. Yes, I was aware of it and saw random images on the TV at the gym but who can read closed captions on a TV when running? And I have no TV channels at home so there you go. My life in a media bubble.

But facebook friends filled me in on the verdict and my co-worker brought me up to speed on what I should know and I found myself pondering the justice system for a milli-second before moving on to prepare a presentation on dolphins I need to do tomorrow. Oh yeah, I am on top of my training schedule but procrastinate on other matters of life.

I left work and headed to my faithful treadmill for today's 6 mile run. I was bombarded by images on the TV of a sweet little girl. Within moments I realized I was angry and wanted to scream at the top of a mountain. Frustration with the things in life I have no control over mounted and naturally I thought of my Dad. And once again, within minutes I felt a surge of peace as the run vented my frustration, my sense of injustice in the world, and I once again realized how lucky I was to be a runner.

My run ended up being 6.08 miles and then I told myself to rein it in. I have a heavy load this week - the most miles for a week ever and my longest run ever on Sunday. I can't go randomly adding too much more mileage in here and there. My overall pace was 8'49" but I really pushed the final mile in memory of all who have left us but rest in peace and are free of pain.

My Dad, my hero, my inspiration.

My Grandma who I really wish could be here with me today to do "icicles" on my arm.

My Grandpa who was quiet but strong and taught me the power of observation.


  1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't watch it or know anything about what was going on. All I knew was that she was accused of killing her daughter, and I assumed she'd be convicted.
    Did everyone on your Facebook post about turning on the porch light last night?

  2. Thank goodness I wasn't alone either Courtney. No, I didn't hear about turning on the porch light but ironically I guess I have a sensor light on my back porch that works (hasn't turned on in years!) and it kept going on and off last night. Freaked me out this morning because I saw light out my window and I thought I overslept.


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