A 2.3 mile return to running

I couldn't resist the lure of the outdoors and ended up doing my run today there instead of the gym. However, I established a smart run plan that didn't have me heading out to nowhere with a long return home. My family and I headed upcountry to one of my favorite running spots and boy, it was cold!

I found this ironic with so many people mentioning how hot it is for them and here I am thinking, this is cold. I even kept my t-shirt on over my normal running top for a bit of added warmth. I headed off to run while my darling daughter and dear hubby played at the park.

My hope was about 3 miles and to feel great at the end. It didn't really turn out that way. I immediately felt like a sloth trying to run and didn't feel like my body had an ounce of grace in it. Who knows if I looked as awkward as I felt, but I kept on running up and down the little hills and tried to console myself in the fact that my pace was sub-nine. I also chastised myself for caring about my pace since I logically told myself that today's run was to get my legs back into the groove. Pace didn't matter. Distance didn't matter. I just needed to run.

So I ran and ended up completing 2.3 miles with an overall pace of 8'49". Afterwards, I joined my family at the park and ran around the grassy area with my daughter as she ran her marathon and then her Jacaranda Race. If you have been following me for awhile, you will realize she is fully in tune with what I am doing. I am training for a marathon. I ran the Jacaranda Run this last May. Of course, her pace is slower than mine but she can really speed it up when she wants to. That girl can run! The cutest was when she started to pour pretend water over her head since she was getting hot. Once again, I guess I am making an impression as can be seen as in my review of the Wahine Half Marathon.

In all reality, I probably put in another 0.5 miles at a slow jog with my darling daughter and I should be feeling really good. But I was darn grouchy. I even cried later on and yes, my family ran to console me. Then I texted a dear friend who provided me another much needed pep talk telling me I will be back to me, probably in a week. So now, I am feeling better and my sad face from before is much happier now.

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  1. sometimes the pure NEED to run is greater than you can fight :)! I am thrilled you were able to get 2.3 miles after all you've been through the past week! Amazing!
    I love the way you can see your children "re-enacting" what they watch you doing in your life. I caught my daughter "lifting weights" the other day, just like her mommy ;)!

  2. @ Lacey Sue, that is so cute your daughter was "lifting weights". I tell myself that just means we are being good role models as moms, teaching our children to be active and healthy!

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