What happened to the 4-mile recovery run?

I am feeling quite good about myself and my training. I had my longest run yet on Sunday. Sunday night my legs felt a little achy and I thought I would be feeling really tight Monday morning. Not so. I am not saying my legs were golden but I was able to get up and down and do what every mom of a preschooler does. Monday night my legs were getting achier and honestly, all I wanted to do was run to make them feel better. Do you ever feel like that? But no, I held myself in check since it was supposed to be a rest day and I am trying hard to respect those rest days (even if I do tend to get a bit cranky).

Today I woke just after 4:00 am with the intent to do a 4-mile recovery run. I was thinking a slow and easy pace with a maximum time of about 40 minutes. Yes, I do consider time even for recovery runs since I do need to head off to work afterwards and get in some good hours before picking up my darling daughter from school.

Once I started running my legs burned and ached. Oh my! It wasn't torture but I wondered where this came from. Okay, probably the 18 miles on Sunday but still. Fortunately, by the time I ran 0.5 miles my legs were already feeling better. The burning was gone but still some aching. Just over 1 miles, the aching was gone and I was feeling like me again.

I was listening to some of the new tunes I added to my play list and was really enjoying some new additions from this weekend. Thanks to a post on Kendrick Fitness, I had some new songs to my list I never would have added. (By the way, if you haven't read my interview with Kendrick Ribeiro yet, check it out and feel free to let me know what you think.)

Traditionally I listen to country music, or kid songs (remember, I am a mommy of a preschooler), and neither can always make the best running or power songs. Thanks to input to Kendrick's question about what people listen to, I added these songs to my list and loved them today: On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez and Push It by Salt-N-Pepa. I have seen many questions asking what people listen to and this is the first time I found some gems to add to my collection. What do you love as a power song?

But to get back on track. I was loving the music and it was sending wonderful vibes down my spine. I was loving my run and even though I was tempted to pick up the pace, I kept it steady. I was running 5 minute incline intervals and it felt good. But I didn't run 4 miles.....I ended up running 4.36 miles because Tall Cool One by Robert Plant started to play and I just had to keep on running 'til the end. My overall pace was 9'20".

And what am I thankful for this Tuesday?
  • A brand new mattress that is oh, so comfortable!
  • A new washer and dryer....thank you landlords!
  • Precious time with my family on Sunday --- a rarity for us to all have the day together!


  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Good for you getting up and getting it done! I could never get up at 4 am to run. I am NOT a morning person

  2. When my legs are tired (always) I want to run to speed the recovery. I like active recovery days (considering I run every day that kinda goes without saying).

    4 am is a bit early for me...more like 5/5:30 is about where I'm at but I love the morning runs. Set's the tone for the whole day!

  3. Nice recovery!
    My favorite power songs don't necessarily sound like they would be, but:
    Halo, Beyonce
    Love Story Meets Viva La Vida, Jon Schmidt
    Galvanize, Chemical Brothers
    Stronger, Kanye
    Still, Tim McGraw
    If You're Going Through Hell, Rodney Adkins

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies. Yes, 4:00 am is a tough time to get up in the morning even for me. But it is when I normally squeeze in my runs. It is so much easier to do when my daughter is sleeping and then I get more family time later.

    To Courtney@ I CAN DO THIS, thanks for the suggestions for Power Songs. I will have to check those out. I want to add more to my play list before the marathon.


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