We run as a family

Today I made two great choices. First, I opted to not wake up at 4:00 am to run before work. Before you say "shame on you", wait. Instead I got an extra much needed hour of sleep. Second, I opted to not run on my way home from work. Again, wait before you say "shame on you". Instead I texted my husband and said I was on my way home and that we should all go out for a run together. He agreed (that is amazing in itself because we don't often run together).

So for today I didn't worry too much about my pace. My goal was to run my 4 miles with my family and to have fun. I even stopped early on in our run to take a picture of the first horse we observed. It ended up to be the first, second, and only horse we saw this evening.

Usually this route is busy with other runners or cyclists but not so this evening. Perhaps it is the day or time of day as we used to head out here often on Sunday mornings to walk. Yes, I said walk. That is what we did weekly when I was pregnant since my doctor advised me not to run but that is another story. I am glad I wasn't focused on pace otherwise the frequent pulling over onto the shoulder and slowing down or even stopping at times would have drove me crazy! Oh, and we did see one other woman running!

Running Uphill
The run was great and I actually passed over the jogging stroller to dear hubby for the second half. This was his first time to run with the jogging stroller so perhaps now he understands how different it makes the running experience. But I pushed my darling daughter up the steepest incline to the second pole prior to the hand off and was grateful she didn't ask me why I was going so slow. However, on the way down she verbally expressed her glee with my speed!

And more uphill running
I think the only downside of the run was the amount of gnats that were out and about this evening. Perhaps it is due to the mistiness in the air but it is amazing how they congregate in regions. A few times I called out to my family to keep their mouths shut as I was the first running through the gnat cloud. My dear hubby had a chuckle at one point when I was waving my arm back and forth across my face clearing a breathing path. And yes, I consumed some gnats this evening (can we say extra protein) and even got one in my eye (which I had to stop to remove). At the end of the run my dear hubby looked at me and asked what was all over me. My reply, "bugs". He laughed.

I am so thankful that I had a shorter distance on my training calendar today and that I opted to share the running experience with my family. My darling daughter got out of the jogging stroller to run a bit at the end but the hill got to her quite quickly. She made it up running around at the park afterwards. I had the time of my life!


  1. that sounds like a great way to run (minus the bugsu! My little one often wants to run with me. I usually tell him he has to wait until we get bac to our mailbox. Thus all the photos of him on the road in front of our house. One day I hope he'll be running all the way with me.

  2. Shellyrm, I am so glad your little one wants to run too. In retrospect, I should have gone a bit further before letting my daughter out. I wasn't really thinking about the hills and knew she could do the final 0.5 miles. Next time, I will wait until it levels out a bit more for her.


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