Sprinting for Sanity

Oh what a day it has been! It seems my little one is having a tough day today and after two quite remarkable temper tantrums, she zonked out on the couch. So what does a running mom do? After taking a moment to take a breath and gather my wits, I quickly jumped up, got into my running clothes, and hit the incline treadmill (in a positive way).

I didn't know how much time I would have. It stands to reason my darling daughter will take a good nap because perhaps tiredness was at the root of her issues but you never really know. To make the most out of what I was given, I did a 1 mile warm up before moving into some speed work. Today it was going to be sprints. I did a mix of sprints and what I call super sprints. Essentially, a super sprint is when I pick up my pace to the maximum I can sustain for 30 seconds. My sprints are designed about the same. They are at near maximum for 60 seconds. I placed 90 second rest intervals between them.

To make it easier to see, this is what I did:
1 mile warm up, sprint, rest, super sprint, rest, sprint, rest, super sprint, rest, sprint, cool down

My total distance was 2.11 miles at a 10% incline.

The end result: A happier mom! My head is clearer and I recognize that my daughter has the same strong will I have and for that I am grateful. When the naysayers tell me not to run, I run harder. When they say I can't do it, I prove I can. And even though today the temper tantrum that resulted from not wanting to take a nap was unacceptable, that same resolve will bring my daughter to great places later in life. We just all need to learn the right way to "stomp our feet" and succeed!

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