Rest and Compression

My original plan was to run 4 miles today to make up for a sick day I had earlier. However, I smartly changed my training plan after reviewing my recent training. To stay injury free, I realize it is important to not increase your weekly mileage too fast or too much. The standard is 10%. If I did my run today and the ones slated for Saturday and Sunday, I would be risking injury and I do need to stay attentive to my recently recovered left piriformis muscle. So I opted for a rest day and know with my runs on Saturday and Sunday, I will still have an awesome high mileage training week before taking a recovery week next week, as planned.

So how am I feeling physically after my 16 mile run yesterday? Fantastic! My quads and glutes were aching a bit yesterday evening but I ended up trying on some new compression capris that arrived. I know many train in these, but I have heard it can just help you feel better after a run. With my personality, I was completely skeptical. But after having them on for awhile I noticed my quads and glutes were feeling perfect and my calves and feet were achy. I never feel achy here so has this ache just been overshadowed by my larger muscles? I must confess, I ended up falling asleep in the compression capris and woke up with no tightness in my quads or glutes and minimal tightness in my calves. Now I am thinking perhaps so compression pants or compression socks might be a nice addition to my running supplies!

P.S. My compression capris are an awesome bright pink!


  1. Hey Erica!
    I got your comment about fundraising for TNT. It's definitely scary up front, but once you start seeing donations come in, it gets easier and easier!
    The first time I signed up, I just kinda closed my eyes and jumped in - and it was much easier than I expected.
    If you're thinking about it, let me know and I can tell you more about my experiences.

  2. Courtney, when I am ready to take the plunge I will definitely turn to you for some more information. I am seriously thinking about committing to a race in 2012....if I am not procrastinating too much on my decision.


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