The Perfect Run

What is a perfect run? That is a hard question to answer because the definition of perfection can vary drastically between one person and another but yesterday I truly felt perfection in my run.

I have been under a lot of stress recently and most of it, I must confess, I put on myself as I constantly strive for perfection. To be a great employee, a wonderful wife, and an awesome, supportive, nurturing mom. No wonder at times I wish I could go back to those early years when it was more acceptable to throw a tantrum and stop my feet.

But no, moms can't throw tantrums and this running mom runs!

Due to putting in some work hours on Monday, I was able to leave work early yesterday. Typically this would mean I would go directly to my daughter's school and pick her up but nope, not yesterday. I decided I needed some "mommy time" to do what I love, run!

My goal was to run 4 miles and then go pick up my daughter. I had more than enough time to achieve this goal and I would still be picking my daughter up early. I enjoyed every foot step of my run and was able to run without a worry in the world! I didn't have to think about getting to work, which is often the case as I run before work a lot. I didn't have to worry about fulfilling my daughter's needs as she was at school being taken care of. I just got to run and be me and it was perfection!

I felt so light and bouncy and my ponytail was bouncing with happiness once again. It was the best run ever and I ended up running 4.31 miles because I didn't want to stop. I ran 0.5 mile intervals with varying splits (9'01", 8'04", 8'13", 8'10"). In all reality, I did run negative splits but I have noticed this is one flaw with my Nike+ sensor and I think it is related to stride changes when I really pick up the pace. My overall pace was 8'22".

Later that evening, I went out again to do a training run with my darling daughter and we encouraged Daddy to come along to. She ended up running 0.53 miles at a pace of 13'03". I am so proud of her and think that is an awesome pace for a three year old running in a hilly neighborhood. Gotta love it!!!


  1. Wow! Sounds like a future marathoner!

  2. Mahalo Tina! Yes, I hope my family will be full of future marathoners with my first this year, my hubby's next year, and my daughter's in years to come!


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