New Running Shoe - Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10th edition

I feel I have developed a huge love for running shoes, perhaps it is paranoia after coming off of a very painful injury or perhaps it is because I am a woman. Some women like heels and purses, I love running shoes and running skirts! But back to the point, I have become more in tune to my body and running mechanics; therefore, it is a natural transition to be more focused on my running shoe. I am also keeping detailed notes in my training log that includes the running shoe I am training in. My goal - to find the perfect running shoe for me for training purposes and for racing.

Nike Free Run
Traditionally, I was a Nike lover and as long as the shoe was Nike, I would purchase it. My selection criteria has really improved over the years. Now I look at weight and design. I also spend a good amount of time reading about proper running form, dreaming of not being a heel striker, and reducing my tendency to waiver a bit in my left hip when running. Yes, this is my weak point.

Reebok RealFlex
I really, really, really love the lightweight flexible shoes that I have trained and raced in such as Nike Free Run or Reebok RealFlex. You can read more about my take on this shoes HERE. But I am open minded enough to consider all the praise I hear about Brooks running shoes and they have a competition shoe I would love to try but it isn't available on island that I have been able to locate.

Brooks Adrenaline
This past weekend I treated myself to a new pair of running shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10th edition. They are still light weight but not as flexible as what I have been wearing. I bought them because they are a very comfortable shoe with plenty of room in the toe box and they hug my heel nicely. And it is considered a support shoe. I am intrigued by this because I loved how the Reebok RealFlex seemed to correct me rolling out on the outer edges of my feet when standing. I also bought this shoe because I needed to make a shoe purchase prior to the Maui Marathon. If I continued to train in my RealFlex it would result in too many miles in that shoe to race in. Therefore, I now have two pairs of running shoes I can train in and I cannot tell you yet what I will decide to race in.

How is the Brooks Adrenaline performing so far for me?

I did a 10.2 mile run in them on Sunday and felt wonderful. I typically don't do such a long run for an introductory run in a new pair of shoes but I couldn't resist giving them a try. I definitely felt as if I was striking less on my heels but I always worry that my perception of form could be wrong. I am going to have to arrange for some photo taking during another run to really assess my gait and heel strike.

I ran 3.14 miles yesterday in the Brooks and was equally satisfied. They are comfortable and once again, I felt I was striking less on my heels.

What is different for me right now? My quads are sore after my run on Sunday. Typically I feel little to no soreness in my quads as any aches tend to be in my glutes or upper hamstrings. However, I do know that every time I start training in a new running shoe my body does go through an adjustment period. Only time will tell which shoe becomes the perfect running shoe for me!

P.S. I ended falling in love with this shoe and ran my first marathon in it!


  1. New shoes are always exciting! I did a 12 miler as my first run in new shoes once. Dumb idea, but it worked out fine, just like yours! lol

  2. Aloha Courtney, Thank goodness I am not the only crazy runner out there! And yes, it worked out just fine.


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