My new longest run --- 18.08 miles

Yesterday was my scheduled long run in my training plan. The goal: 18 miles. For some reason this run has had me nervous for the past few days. I felt some self-doubt coming on and knew that made it even more important for me to achieve my goal. And that just added more stress.

My dear hubby had taken the day off, thank goodness I didn't have to complete my run in x-time, and after dropping me off at my starting point, he headed off to our meeting point with my darling daughter. My Nike+ immediately couldn't locate my sensor and after a first oh no I remembered what to do. I did the magic trick and all was good. I would be able to officially log and track the miles of my run. This is very important to me especially with a long run.

I started out my run and repeated to myself to not force the pace and aimed to slow down a bit. I do always have a tendency to start fast and today I wanted to run smart. I had packed a diluted Gatorade to carry and had 3 GU gels for the run. By the way, before the run I ate a Powerbar and drank almost all of a mix1. I should be fully fueled.

I felt fine and the first 6 miles were nice and flat. I felt I was maintaining an acceptable pace and checked in on it a few times to make sure I wasn't speeding up without being aware. I sipped some Gatorade every mile and had my first GU at 5 miles. Shortly after the 6 mile mark the inclines began. Nothing too serious yet. I had to come to a full stop at 7 miles to wait to cross 5 lanes of traffic. This made me feel a bit queasy but once I started running I was good to go. At about 7.5 miles I began my first decline. I opted to run the low road and get some shade since it was hot and the sun was bright. At 8 miles I found the shade but I also found a head wind that would remain with me the remainder of the course.

The shade didn't last long but it was a nice break. For a moment I thought to not make the detour because at the Maui Marathon I wouldn't be able to hide from the sun. But at the Maui Marathon there will be aid stations and wet sponges. I didn't have that. I had no water to waste. At 10 miles I took my second GU and this is also where I was running through the "city" or "town" and had to be very attentive to cross walks and lights. Fortunately, I made it through quite easily with very little stop and go and I was running solid again.

I was still feeling good. Enjoying the tunes and enjoying my run. I had checked in on my pace again and I was happy with it. Slower than my run last week as to be expected since I was trying to push my pace a bit then but faster than my pace for the 16 mile run. I was fine with the pace and knew the inclines were going to get a bit steeper. What I was more focused on was my Gatorade consumption. I was trying to be conservative but it was hot, I was sweating, and I needed to drink. At mile 13 I took a detour through a park and found a much needed water fountain. I took a sip and bad-tasting water has never tasted so good! I topped off my Gatorade bottle and felt I was all set for the final 5 miles. At mile 14 I took my final GU.

The final destination
At mile 15 I was greeted by a steep incline, which I knew was waiting for me. Hello Wailea and although the run up was slow going against a head wind that seemed to be stronger (and did I say steep already?) I knew there would be more shade around the corner. The final miles were rolling up and down and three runners passed me up. I tried to not get discouraged and told myself they could be at the start of their run, perhaps they aren't doing 18 miles today, and really focused on that they were all guys probably in the 20's. Not really equal competition is it? I resisted the temptation to race....don't really know if I could have...and made the final turn to my destination right before 18 miles. This is a downhill stretch and I felt ecstatic. Yes, I am the runner with the big smile on her red face running downhill wanting to cry with pleasure. I made the final loop and ran into my dear hubby and darling daughter at the beach shower....yes, almost literally ran into them. What a perfect way to meet the family after a run!

So what did I do post-run? I had a chocolate soy protein shake, a diet coke (decided long runs deserved this indulgence), played in the pool (it was cold for me....can I equate this to an ice bath?), and went with my family to a lu'au to celebrate our church's 100th anniversary. Doesn't everyone keep completely busy after a long run?

My overall pace: 8'45"

My splits:

Post run with tired girl
My mental state: I was full of self-doubt but overcame it with new tunes I purchased for this run. I kept telling myself I could do it and I would and took it one step at a time.


  1. To Dorothy, Many Mahalos for the congrats and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. YAY! Awesome run. Congrats on the mileage.

  3. To Courtney, thanks so much! I can't believe how nervous I was about this run. For some reason, 18 miles was my mental block but now I am ready to forge ahead! Mahalo for all of your support!


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