My New Longest Run - 16 Miles

I tried to go to bed somewhat early last night in preparation for my long run today. When my daughter called my name in the middle of the night and asked to climb in bed beside me, I reached over to the alarm clock as I welcomed her beside me. Thank goodness it was only 12:30 am!

Once 3:40 am hit, I rolled out of bed and my stomach was already grumbling. I really don't know if it is a good sign to wake up hungry before a long run but I ate a tablespoon of peanut butter, drank a Gatorade PRIME01, and added a Muscle Milk light to quiet the rumblings of hunger. As I headed out the door I was greeted by the orange glow of another cane fire this week and noticed that it was already quite breezy. What a lovely way to start the day!

I started my run and didn't feel the immediate glow of happiness I did yesterday. Perhaps it is because my legs are tired or perhaps it is related to mental perception of running just 5 miles versus running a goal of my longest distance to date, 16 miles. Regardless, I pushed the thoughts to the side and set milestones to focus on during my run. First milestone, I will nourish myself with a GU gel after 5 miles.

I ended up taking two GU gels today. A strawberry-banana after 5 miles (delicious!) and a tri-berry after 10 miles. I really did feel good all things considered during the run. I was able to run negative splits but I did feel some minor twinges here and there in my left leg. Not pain, nothing too discomforting, just twinges.

My mental state: Overall I feel I did good. There was a time my mind began to wonder too much and my body began to ache with the thought of the total goal. I brought my mind back into focusing on the now and feeling the now. After telling myself to stay in the present I calmly counted to 100 while I ran to further clear my mind of those unneeded thoughts. It worked and I was able to continue to pick up my pace and maintain the negative splits.

My overall pace: 9'05". This is better than the pace I ran for my first half marathon but slower than my half marathon PR in February 2011. For that my pace was 8'47". I am happy with the results but think I just may be able to run a bit faster for my next long run. Only time will tell.

What did I do post-run? I took a cold shower, drank a delicious chocolate soy protein shake, and headed off to work. And as I walked into work I noted that those breezes have really picked up. It is going to be a beautiful windy day!


  1. Congrats on your longest run ever! That's awesome!
    2 things: Do you always eat that little before a run? Esp a long run?
    Also, everything I hear says to do your long run at a slower pace than all your mid-week runs, and definitely slower than a race PR.
    But what do I know - I'll never run a 9:05 pace over 16 miles! lol
    Nice work!

  2. Courtney, Mahalo for the congrats and I am sorry to admit it, yes, I have always tended to not eat a whole lot before running. The most I can do is a Powerbar before a race and even that is hard for me to complete early in the morning. I am slowly trying to work up my tolerance to eating more before my runs due to longer runs coming up. There was a time I ate nothing.

    My pace plan is to have some speedwork runs and then one easy recovery run each week in addition to the long run. I was doing my long runs at a somewhat slower pace but read that I should try to run the pace I want to run my marathon at for at least some of the longer runs.

    Keep up the good work! You are doing awesome!!!

  3. Thanks!
    You know what I have for breakfast before I run? Mix 1. I don't know if you can get it there or not, but it's a protein smoothie kinda thing. I don't love eating food that early in the morning either, so it's a good way to get some calories down.

  4. It's fun to run new long distances. Smart to think of what's coming up next (Gu break) rather than how many more miles you have to run - that helps me, too. Great pace for your 16 miler!

  5. My splits were ----

    Mile 1: 10'21"
    Mile 2: 9'24"
    Mile 3: 9'23"
    Mile 4: 9'30"
    Mile 5: 9'21"
    Mile 6: 9'21"
    Mile 7: 9'03"
    Mile 8: 8'50"
    Mile 9: 8'45"
    Mile 10: 9'01"
    Mile 11: 8'50"
    Mile 12: 8'46"
    Mile 13: 8'44"
    Mile 14: 8'44"
    Mile 15: 8'52"
    Mile 16: 8'40"

  6. Courtney, thanks for the heads up on MIX 1. I love how natural and healthy it is and looked extensively on island. I ended up ordering some online and can't wait for it to get here! The part that really hooked me was that it contained antioxidants as well!


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