My 1st Marathon Dream

Okay, 3 months out may be too early to start having marathon dreams but I had the craziest dream Monday night and it is still in the back of my mind today.

I only have a brief recollection of the dream but we were all crawling to the finish line of the marathon and yes, I mean we were literally crawling on our hands and knees. I was in the front of the pack and we were being guided by the volunteer to the finish line, which was located inside of a building. I was looking all around for the clock to see how I was doing but there was none. Once I was informed I was at the end, which was not marked in any way, I popped up on my feet and strained to look at a piece of paper with every one's times. Amazing! I made my goal and with all my enthusiasm the dream ended.

The moral of the story: No matter how hard the race gets at least I won't actually be crawling in the race and the finish line will indeed by clearly marked!

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