Maui Marathon - T minus 3 months

Time goes by sometimes so slowly and sometimes so fast. May came and went and it is now just over 3 months to the Maui Marathon and I am wrapping my mind, body, and soul around this goal.

May was a great training month resulting in 111.37 miles, which is a high for me this year. I had two training days in which I ran twice. I logged 3 log runs at 10.21 miles (tempo run for 10K), 14 miles, and 12 miles. I ran 8 medium runs (distance must be between 5 to 10 miles to classify in this category). My weekly run average was up to 4.8 days a week! Yeah! My focus and dedication is paying off. I also completed one 10K race (click HERE to read more). After reviewing the course map for the marathon, I am so glad I did do this race because it serves as a good training run and proof to myself that I can do medium length hill climbs and keep on going.

My hurdle last month was essentially me taking on too much to do. I fell into the trap of guilt-induced life commitments and had a hard time saying no. However, on the bright side my left piriformis muscle is getting better and better! I still need to stay attentive and stretch but now I do so out of fear of it becoming injured again, not out of necessity.

What does June have in store for me?
  • A 5K charity run on the 4th. I will be running the 4th Annual Will's Run for Hope with my daughter in her jogging stroller to support The Will Smith Foundation. Their mission is to locate the need and provide the means of giving positive life experiences to children and was founded in memory of a young boy who tragically lost his life on Maui. They do some really great things nationally and internationally. 
  • Continued training and increasing the distance of my long runs.
What are my anticipated hurdles for June?
  • Incorporating long run days into my work week.
  • Mental training. My goal this month is to run on each day on my training calendar, no matter what! My idea is that by doing so I am preparing my mind to overcome hurdles and to just get out there and do it. 
  • Finding time to give my daughter the quality time she needs and deserves with a training schedule that is increasing.


  1. Sounds like you have a good plan and are excited for the marathon challenge. Keep working on those long run - and stay healthy. Ice-baths, although somewhat painful, can help recovery and prevent injuries.

  2. Thanks Matt! I am striving hard to stay healthy as I am surrounded by sick family and co-workers. It is amazing what some running and good nutrition can do for your immune system!


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