A Long Run for National Running Day

When I pulled myself out of bed today with only about 4 hours of good sleep, it didn't dawn on me that it was National Running Day. All I could think of was that I had a long run on my training schedule and that it is a new month; therefore, I needed to start off on the right foot.

As I was getting ready my mom texted that her hand surgery went well. I replied I was about to head out the door for a long run and was grateful for her text. Now I am accountable to someone else too about today's run. I assured my mom I wouldn't be running the dark streets of Hawai'i solo at 4:00 am and ate a teaspoon of peanut butter, swallowed a Gatorade PRIME01, and headed out to the gym.

Once there I immediately got myself focused and into action. To be honest, my legs felt like lead. I felt sluggish and the idea of quitting or cutting the run short crossed my mind. Not good thoughts for a runner in training. I quickly told myself that I was going to do this and to drop that left-sided brain and get creative, have fun, and run. Although, I also told myself if I had to I could run my miles at a slower pace. By mile 6 I was feeling wonderful and was able to pick up the pace. My final mile was awesome and the perfect mile for my Dad!

Total Distance: 12.01 miles

Overall Pace: 9'22"

Mental State: I have to give myself four stars for my mental state today. I stuck to my plan, ran my 12 miles, and didn't give in to the sluggish legs.

And once my elation of a great run subsided I realized today is National Running Day! What a perfect run to honor the intentions of the Day.

10 Ways to Celebrate National Running Day (from their website) with my impact:
  1. Share your passion - I aim to do this through blogging, etc.
  2. Bring a runway to work - Does running up and down stairs count?
  3. Morph your friends into running friends - Tough one for my crowd but my sister is getting hooked.
  4. Change Happy Hour to Running Hour - YES!
  5. Strike new ground - I should put this on my schedule this month.
  6. Give the gift of happy feet - Great idea!
  7. Make running run in the family - Done! We will all be running different races for the Maui Marathon.
  8. Choose a running resolution - I will stick to my training plan in June.
  9. Take advantage of the great outdoors - Oh yeah....heading out on Saturday!
  10. Treat yourself like a champion - Time to reward myself with some new tunes!

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  1. I know how good it feels to finish a run that started out with heavy legs. Sometimes it just takes a few minutes, or miles(!), to warm up!


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