Getting it done!

What do you do when all you want to do is crawl back into bed, put a heating pad on your monthly aches (sorry guys), and go to sleep?

Me? Well as much as that is exactly what I want to do I know it is exactly what I cannot do. I am starting this post early as a verbal commitment to the world that I will not give into temptation. I will still do my run today and yes, I am convincing myself that afterwards I will indeed feel better. So now that I told the world (or will once I finally post this), I must run today after work and before picking up my darling daughter. Do you see success in my future?

And now hours later, I have completed my run to my amazement. Right before I was about to head out of work things got really messy for me (my Lil Sis can attest to that) but my stubbornness persevered and off to the gym I went. My goal was to run 6 miles today.

The run started out okay but I was quick to notice weird aches in my abdomen. Nothing excruciating and not really too painful just annoying, frustrating aches so I continued to run. About 1/3 of the way into my run something amazing happened. The aches vanished and I was feeling the lovely rush of endorphins. For me this typically manifests in a wonderful tingly feeling in my scalp. And yes, that would be me --- the only crazy woman in the gym running on a treadmill with a huge smile! It wasn't all fun and games as the final mile brought an additional minor ache for a moment but then I was transformed into the Energizer Bunny or something. I felt as if my legs were moving with no effort. I picked up the pace a bit to test them and they just kept going. I felt wonderful!

The end result: I discovered that running on what may be the worst day of a month for me to run turned out to be fantastic! But I must add a friendly disclaimer, just because I had fun this does not mean this would be the day I would want to race on or tackle my first marathon on. Just saying Mother Nature!

Total Distance: 6.02 miles

Overall Pace: 8'38"

Mental State: Determined!

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  1. Yay for that great feeling - when you can't hold in your smile! : )


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