Fast Running Mommy?

First, I have to say my mood changed a bit right now for the gloomier as I got a call that my mattress wasn't on the container and won't be delivered to me tomorrow. So sad.....

But once I get over that initial disappointment and convince myself it is all okay, I will get back to (okay, already there) to my initial happiness of the day!

It has been a fantastic day and somehow I scored and received solo mommy running time on Father's Day. This is the first week of the new schedule so dear hubby went in later to work (which also means he will get home later) and I get to run! This week I went down towards Kihei to run while my hubby played with my daughter at the park I was to meet them. My family eagerly got me out of the car and on the roadside to begin running so they could head off to their adventure. Okay, dear hubby wasn't in too much of a hurry. He did stay there packed on the roadside to watch me cross four lanes of traffic (minimal traffic) to get to a very cool cyclist/running pathway I have been dying to run on!

My run was fantastic! The pathway was as wonderful as I imagined. It was a good almost 4 mile stretch of relatively flat running. I initially felt fast and checked my pace early on and was shocked to learn I was running a sub-eight mile. So I guess I do run faster when I am not on a treadmill or pushing a jogging stroller! (I added this to answer a question in a post from a fellow blogger.)

Once I started hitting the subtle inclines here and there my pace would waiver a bit. However, as I look at my splits I realize I still maintained a great pace for myself and the slow down for more inclines seemed appropriate. My splits were 7'50", 7'52", 7'55", 7'54", 8'05", 8'07", 8'07", 8'09", 8'10", 8'11". My Nike+ also tells me my overall pace was 8'10" for 10.21 miles. I am happy with that but mathematically don't see how it fits with the splits the Nike+ also provided. Hmmm.... But I am not going to lose sleep over this (even if I am still on my old mattress) as I am so happy about this run because:
  1. I did it!
  2. I got to run solo and feel the breeze in my face!
  3. I maintained a pretty solid pace and didn't slow too much as the end!
  4. It proves I am indeed getting faster!
  5. My body feels great!
My goal was a tempo run today and I don't know if I fully achieved that goal. I could have perhaps pushed myself a bit more but was unsure of what to compare my pace too since I was running faster and feeling good so perhaps this tempo run was only a base run. Who knows? But I do know it was my long run concluding my "easy" week. Next week gears up Tuesday with an 18 mile run scheduled for Sunday. Wish me luck!

My run nutrition today was a Special K cereal bar crisp (about 100 cals) and a Gatorade PRIME01 prior to the run. During the run I took a GU gel (vanilla bean) at 5 miles. I can't believe how delicious this flavor is!!! After the run, I drank a low calorie soy protein shake (chocolate).

As a special note: About 2 hours after the run I ate lunch. I shared a chicken ceasar salad (dressing on the side for dipping please) with my daughter. I had to tell you this because I am ecstatic that my three year old now loves salads as much as I do...including the lettuce! However, there are NEVER enough tomatoes for us!

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