Cross training guilt?

I don't what it is about me but for some reason I always feel guilty when I cross train. Logically I know it is good for me and will have positive impacts on my fitness and training; however, I feel like I am cheating on my running.

Today I woke up with the dream of cross training. I felt cycling was exactly what was on my plate for the day and had every intention to do so. Then I stepped into the gym and was greeted right away by the staff that traditionally works when I visit. Oh boy, the guilt resurfaced. He knows I run, will he see me as a slacker if I just hop on a cycle???

Needless to say, it spurred me into action and I did run 1.03 miles (a pretty small distance for me these days) and diverted to my original plan to cross train. So I hopped on over to the cycles and had a blast for 30 minutes. Why the switch? I felt if it was my dream this morning to cross train my body was telling me something. I do follow my training calendar but I also pay attention to my body (please  note, I did not say my mind....it can be quite misleading at times).

Am I happy with my workout today? Sure am! It is always good to change things up every now and then and do something different. My legs will thank me and perhaps my 18 mile run on Sunday (major nerves on this one) will be all the better for it!

Keep running!

P.S. I had the pleasure of interviewing one person who inspires me daily and has helped me implement positive changes in my life and fitness levels. Look for that interview here this weekend!


  1. Cross-training can be a great way to get some strength while giving your body a rest from the impact of lot of running.

  2. Thanks Matt! I recently saw you are going to be a speaker at the Maui Marathon Expo on Friday! So very exciting! Don't know if I will make it to that side on Friday but you know I would love to hear what you have to say.


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