Answering the blog question - where do I run?

run, Courtney, run had a great post on her blog asking where and when do people run or ride. I really enjoyed reading her post and decided my answer was going to be too long to just put in her comment box.

First, let me say I am so jealous that she has 20 miles of pathway just a mere mile from her house! It is stories like those that tempt me to move back to the mainland so I could live in runner's heaven. Although, I do realize running on Maui does have its own perks such as pretty consistent temperature and weather conditions year round.

Second, I tend to be a early morning runner with a vast majority of my runs starting around 4:30 am. It is quite dark at this time and that puts my run in one place....the gym. I could run on my treadmill at home but I try to remove myself and the noise out of the home so the rest of my dear family can sleep in bliss.

However, I am firm believer that all training should not occur on treadmills and come on, running outside is indeed so much better! For my long runs, I am definitely a road runner because I only know of one pathway (off to the side of a road by the way) and it is at maximum 7 miles long. Not really long enough for my running needs so yes, I run along highways and roads.

And finally, if I need to do a run in the afternoon or at other odd times, I run on my treadmill at home or around our neighborhood. Once again, this can become a boring since one loop around the block is only 1/2 mile and that is essentially the neighborhood. My darling daughter gets tired of the constant loops too.

But please note: I have a list of running rules that I adhere to like crazy.
  1. I never run roadside with my daughter in the jogging stroller! I may run on sidewalks, I may run in our neighborhood, and I may run up on Thompson Road, which is less traveled and more like a country road. 
  2. Roadside running must occur on roadways with shoulders, although at times I may have very small stretches down neighborhood roads without a shoulder taking me from one major roadway to another. 
  3. I run early when there is less traffic on the roadways.
  4. I always run against the traffic. I want to see what is coming.
  5. I keep my tunes down low so I can hear what is happening around me.
  6. I do not run in the dark. Yes, I know I can add reflective tape or lights so cars can see me but this rule is more because my field of view is decreased. I run solo and I want to be fully aware of my surroundings.
  7. I ask myself, is this a place another runners or cyclists would use? I tend to run in places where I may encounter other people out being active.
  8. I always wear my Runners ID.
Yes, the cars and drivers can pose an issue and ironically, the only time I had an issue was almost a year ago when I detoured from my roadside run into a nice neighborhood built around a golf course. There was less traffic and I felt this would be a safer place to run. A few miles later I encountered two large dogs running together off of their leashes. Hmmm.... There was no way for me to avoid the situation, no where to really go, so I tried all the sensible things. Stop running and perhaps they would pass. Walk slowly, be boring, perhaps they would go away. Nothing worked and in no time I had two large dogs jumping all over me. They were not being aggressive, just annoying me. So what does a runner do? I figured, hey, I will try to hitch a ride from cars going by me and really, they just need to take me 1/2 a mile or so down the road and let me back out. Of course someone would stop and help a runner, right? Nope. No one. They even seemed to go by me faster. I was fortunate enough that a lady turned the corner walking across the street and noticed my distress. She asked if I needed help. (Oh yeah....please distract these dogs so I can run on.) She called them over to her side of the road and entertained them while I very quickly escaped. Thank you nice lady!

And for a special treat I photodocumented my journey to work today so you can see some of the roadways in Maui. Why? Because roads are different everywhere and I really feel the roads on Maui are tame when compared to the mainland, although I am comparing them to roads around Texas. And please enjoy the sunrise with me!

 Okay, it is pretty dark but this is an intersection between two major highways here. Not a running choice for me. Way too busy and crazy!

Central town on the island. Not a preferred running spot. Too many cars. Too many lights.

 I haven't run here yet but wouldn't say no to the idea. Yes, plenty of cars going fast but it has a wide shoulder and is frequented by other runners. Wouldn't be my #1 choice but may be a good idea since the Maui Marathon course will go through here.

Once again, haven't run here yet but it wouldn't be a terrible thing and it is pretty close to the next interesection that I have run through.

Oh yeah, I have run this stretch and intersection for a few training runs and the Harbor to Harbor race goes through here too! 

 Very popular running stretch and seeing runners go by while I am working makes me jealous. It goes up to the intersection above and you can head off towards South Maui. Once again, may have fast cars but has wide shoulders and many runners.


  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    I can't believe you don't have more paths by you. I just automatically assumed you would. But I am jealous of what I'm sure are gorgeous views on your runs.

    Great rules! Safety is always number 1! Thanks for answering and sharing. :)

  2. I can't believe it either and perhaps I will stumble upon more paths one day. I think with larger cities there is more drive to create paths for people to use. With so much beach front roads, I think it becomes less of a priority. And I don't really dig trail running so that eliminates other options....just doesn't sound appealing when I would need to have a jogging stroller with me at times.

    And you are very welcome Courtney and thanks again for posting the thought-provoking post!

  3. Anonymous4:30 PM

    You bring up some important points for running safety!

  4. @ laurenruns.com -- Glad you like the safety points. I had to reiterate one with my dear hubby on our run today when he wanted us to go in front of the huge cane truck. No way! It was huge and the driver did not see us. We went behind it and I explained why. He is now a firm believer in eye contact.


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