8 Miles of Sweat, Determination, and Joy

Some people rejoice as Aloha Friday hits because it marks the end of the work week. For me, I have my own rejoicing in that it is a day to cross another medium run off of my training calendar.

My goal today was to run 8 miles. I wasn't completely sure on how it would feel as I have a very small nagging cough. I know the "rules" are if you are sick below the neck, rest; however, I am not one to always follow the standard training rules. I feel we each know our bodies best. Ironically, over a year ago when I had an awful cough, so terrible I had to go to the doctor's and get serious medicine, the only way I found relief (prior to the medicine of course) was during my runs. Go figure!

With all that in mind, my plan was to run the 8 miles but to do a progressive run by miles. I would increase my pace with each subsequential mile with miles 4 and 5 being my top pace. But as any runner knows, sometimes plans change...for the better or for the worse....it is up to you to decide. But I honestly feel my plans changed for the better. As I started the 5th mile I was feeling wonderful. My body felt great, my legs felt strong, and my breathing was beautiful. So I said goodbye to the pyramid run and forged ahead into an awesome progressive run where I really pushed the last two miles.

I am so thankful I am a firm believer in listening to my body and headed out for my run today even with a little cough. And no, I didn't cough once during my run and haven't really coughed since I woke up.

What's next? A beautiful weekend with my darling daughter. We will be running a 5K race tomorrow morning (okay, I will be running and she will be riding). Afterwards, we will try our hardest to make it to two birthday parties!

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  1. I saw your comment on my blog which raised my eyebrow. I am alway interested who is reading my blog.

    So what is it like living and training in the 50th state where the weather is nice year round?

    Cool Down Runner


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