7.51 Mile Progressive Run

Yesterday's running goal was 7 miles and I headed out to achieve it after work. One thing I did learn, perhaps it isn't the best idea to eat jalapenos with lunch if you plan on running in a few hours. I wasn't really hurting per se but my stomach just wasn't as settled as it should have been.

The run was great all things considered. My legs did feel tired to start but I was able to implement negative splits in this progressive run..somewhat. My splits were 9'18", 8'33", 8'36", 8'32", 8'31", 8'30", 8'11". I really felt I did a better job of systematically increasing my pace and see I should continue to work on this.

My overall pace was 8'40" for a total distance of 7.51 miles. I did the final 1/2 miles at recovery pace for a cool down.

My mental state was good and strong. I have been training at a higher level and my body is feeling it, although in a good way. It would be so easy to just run slower and feel nothing but I truly feel that is just cheating myself in the long run. I just told myself to dig deep and that it was in there when I needed an extra boost.

What's on my mind? I am considering buying another pair of running shoes. In all reality, the pair now I shouldn't train in and run in for the marathon because that would result in more miles in a pair of shoes than I usually do. Thing is....I am thinking about trying a different brand/style....perhaps Brooks. I just don't know if I can find them on island and don't want to order shoes without trying them on first.


  1. New shoes are fun!
    But yeah, you definitely want to try them on. I once got another pair of the same shoe model and generation (ordered online) and it simply didn't fit the same. I ended up giving them to my mom.

    Good luck! And nice run!

  2. Found a "new" sports store on island that carries some Brooks. I am hoping he sticks to his idea of discontinuing all his other brands that are carried elsewhere on island and expanding his stock of Brooks. It seems to be a good business plan as he would be the primary supplier for all runners here.

    Thanks for the comment about even buying the same shoe you have tried before. I never really thought that would be a risk as well.


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