A 5K to Start the Day

Party 1
I have to confess, the mommy-side of me took over today. I woke up pondering if I really should make my daughter late to a birthday party for me to run a 5K race. Moments later, my darling daughter awoke and her 1st question was "is it a Mommy day?" When I confirmed yes, she almost hit the ceiling with joy while asking "is it party day?"

So I texted my sister, who is a mom of three, and a good friend to add perspective. Was I being a wimp if I skipped the race and allowed my daughter to enjoy all of her partying with her two best friends (yep, twins!)? Was I allowing her to make the decisions I should be making? After it was confirmed that NO, I am not a wimp and I am just being a good mom, I opted to run my 5K at home at race pace on a 10% incline. I was done running by the time the race was due to start, got my daughter all dressed, and we headed out to party #1, which was immediately followed by party #2.

Party 2
Do I regret my choice? No. I guess I could have run the race and hurried over to party #1. I would have been late and would have missed any hanging out post-race and I think I would have regretted that option more.

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  1. Cute pics! You ran at 5K pace with 10% incline?! That's a big hill. I'm impressed!


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