5.03 Miles Varied Intervals

Yesterday I broke down and went to the doctor for this ridiculous nagging cough. It isn't the worst in the world but it is becoming quite annoying. What is the source? The doctor is a bit clueless, perhaps allergies mixed with a persistent bug. Darn those cane fires....

So my goal today was switched a bit. I opted to push my long run until tomorrow to give myself 24 more hours to get over the cough and ensure my chest is good to go. I moved my 5 mile run slated for tomorrow to today and I loved every moment of it. True to form, any coughing issues vanished in thin air when I ran. Why oh why didn't I trust my body to do this and bring my GU gels with me? I was feeling so good I would have gone ahead and ran those 16 miles but I knew the great feeling would end if I had no nourishment at all during the run. That teaspoon of peanut butter prior to the run wasn't going to carry me too long.

I ran varied intervals today and progressively increased my pace throughout my run. It was really fun to speed up, take a break to recover a bit, and speed up some more. I pondered how well this prepares my body for a long run where I should maintain my pace a bit better but convinced myself that it is a great training run regardless. How many times do we all change our pace in a race to get around an obstacle only to return back to our target pace? Plus, it is just plain fun and I need to incorporate plenty of that into my training so I can enjoy every step of my journey to a marathon.

Mental State: Fabulous! It was a fun run focused on speedwork and the time literally flew by!

Overall Pace: 8'31" and I am very happy with that! My last training run had an overall pace of 9'17".

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