4 Mile Variable Speed Run

Calories Burned Today
As I headed out of work to go pick up my darling daughter from school I passed my dear hubby running alongside of the road. I honked two little honks but I think he was oblivious to it or to the fact that it was me honking. I also foolishly hoped that this meant he would be home early and be able to cook dinner so I could put in some good running time.

Pineapple chips

Once home, I received a text and my plans changed. I will have less running time since dear hubby will be late so I am back in charge of dinner. I could have completely eliminated the run and focused more on better dinner preparations but instead, I ran. I opted to do 4 miles and randomly changed my pace. I ran on my 10% incline treadmill at home while my darling daughter sweetly watched some Curious George and treated herself to some homemade pineapple chips. She truly was a trooper allowing me to run in peace and get some miles in. Thank you darling daughter.

After getting us both cleaned up I finally got around to emptying the school bags and lunch boxes and turned to dinner plans. What on Earth was I going to do with dinner time just 30 minutes away? I ended up popping some zucchini souffles into the oven (and then microwaving them as they were taking too long) and sauteed some fresh mushrooms, orange bell pepper, and zucchini in lemon and butter (very little).

What's on my plate for tomorrow? Well, I already texted my co-worker to let her know I will be in later than usual since I really want to get some miles in before work tomorrow. I will make up some work hours this Saturday....I promise. She assured me I was good to go and told me to enjoy my run and you know what? I will!

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