Why I Blog

Family and friends have accepted that I have started a blog about running and at times I get funny looks or questions why. So why is so much of my life centered around running? Why do I have a blog about Life as a Running Mom? Why do I have Nike+ updates and running pictures posted on Facebook? And why do I keep a journal of running quotes and other fine thoughts on the family website?

Simply put. Because I am a runner.

I love running and running is a part of me. Yes, I have become more committed to running recently and some owe that to my commitment to my father and desire to remember him in a meaningful way. In some ways that is indeed correct. I do run to honor and remember my dad and I am compelled to run a marathon for the same reason. But I did not initially chose to run a marathon for my dad. It was always a wish rooted deep down inside of me.

I have honestly been a true runner since college. Okay, what is a true runner? Well, in my earlier years I ran because of soccer. I may have even run to increase my training for soccer but soccer was the goal. Not running. In college I took an aerobic running class and became hooked on running. Thank goodness for those necessary gym credits I had to take to pay off the new gym on campus. Running has been in and out of my life since then and now I am committed to keeping it in my life. As a single woman, it was easy to run whenever I wanted. I could go to the gym before, after, or before and after work. No worries. Now running takes more planning and commitment. And that brings me to the blog.

Why do I blog about running? Why do I talk about it so much? I talk about it because I love running and hope to share the passion. It is me and I want to share me with my loved ones. And I blog to work through the training. Yes, blogging is indeed part of my training. A training log is one thing but I have noticed that my overall training has increased in analysis with me writing a little more about each workout. Plus it provides an additional level of commitment, which is motivating. I have gathered some followers, and many sincere mahalos (thank you's) for following me and commenting. It is truly appreciated and very motivational. And I follow other great running blogs for more inspiration.

So simply put, I blog about running to be a better runner. To analyze my workouts and  the impact of life commitments. I blog to find motivation and hopefully motivate others. And I blog to document my journey to my first marathon and beyond!

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