When you have no time....run sprints!

I am notorious for trying to do it all and at times, it takes its toll even on me. I can't believe the things I packed into this weekend! I really feel what I have accomplished in just two days may take others close to a week. But unfortunately, it did impact my training.

But I cannot complain. After fixing my daughter waffle and blueberries for breakfast, we headed out to volunteer at the Weight Watchers 5K. Our job was to work the turn around point and make sure everyone did indeed turn around. And no, no one wanted to venture past us....they were all eager to turn. It was quite cute to see the turn around dances and picture taking. It was also exciting to see friends and co-workers pass you. Of course, being who I am, I made sure my daughter and I cheered for each person who passed us and made sure they all heard a "good job" or "awesome". Some replied back, some not, but that is fine because I know the sentiments were indeed heard.

After our cheering and course direction session was over, we headed out to finalize some errands and made it home for me to squeeze in a run. I had so little time before I had to tackle lunch and laundry (at a friend's due to a broken dryer) so I sprinted!

My sprint plan was simple. Warm up a couple of minutes and then sprint for 1 minute at a pace 1 mph faster than my recovery pace. Take a minute and then super sprint for 30 seconds at a pace 2 mph faster than my recovery pace. I took a 1 minute rest after each sprint and a 90 second rest after each super sprint. Well....almost. I did my final two sprints back to back...a sprint followed by a super sprint and then a cool down period of a couple of minutes.

I may not have clocked the miles but I worked my body and you know what, my fast twitch muscle fibers need that every now and then. So for you out there who worry you can't run the full distance due to time constraints, never fear, it is a great opportunity to fit in some speed work! But then again, I am the kind of person who always sees the cup as half full and believes everything happens for a reason!

But the next time I volunteer at a 5K I will ask to work the turn around again and my daughter and I will run to our station, do our part for the community, and then run back to the car! I should have thought of this plan a little earlier in my day!!!

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