Waking Up With a 7 Mile Progressive Run

I ran 7 miles today. This is the run I was to do yesterday but my day was so full! I could have run half of my miles and made up the rest later but I opted to slide the run back a day. This sets me up for the same training benefits I was hoping for this week. Doing my long run after a moderate run day.

But did that make it easy for me today? Absolutely not! I plopped out of bed and got ready to go as quick as I could. However, I was still yawning as I stepped onto the treadmill. I usually don't start my runs yawning but within minutes I was getting my energy and feeling good. After the 5 minute warm up, I cranked up the pace and my goal was to run with an overall pace near my 10K pace, if running on level ground. I did systematically increase the pace throughout the 7 miles and am beginning to notice that I probably can increase the base pace of my training runs a wee bit and will focus on re-establishing my thresholds for running solo, with a jogging stroller, and at a constant incline.

I loved my run today. I felt good and strong and my piriformis held up well. I drank a Gatorade PRIME01 pre-workout and tried some PowerBar Energy Blasts during the run. I traditionally don't nourish myself during runs of this length but wanted to try the new product before attempting it on a longer run. Mainly because, I only bought them because the PowerBar Energy Blasts are much easier for me to find and buy...a definite plus for a running mom. I got the Strawberry Banana flavor. They were so delicious and come packaged 9 in a pouch. I pulled a couple out for today and have the remainder waiting for me at home for my next run. I do like that you can customize how much you ingest a little bit more that the GU gels. That could be a plus but carrying them on runs may be a bit trickier.

My mental state: Great. I didn't need to incorporate any mind tricks and repeat any mantras today.

Overall pace: 8'52"

What's next? 12 miles tomorrow and a good night's rest!


  1. Seeing your pace get faster is fun. Sounds like a good workout! Those PowerBar energy blasts sound good. I haven't tried them yet.

  2. Thanks for the positive words and the strawberry banana was delicious but it did take a moment to get used to actually chewing something gummy when running.


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