Training Adjustment - 5 Mile Pyramid Run

My training plan had me slated to run 4 miles yesterday and 2 miles today. Life happened and once again, I had to make the necessary adjustments. This seems to be an ongoing challenge in the life of a running mom.

My issue yesterday - simply put, I was running out of time and then my Nike+ sensor really died. I thought it died on me a couple of weeks ago but I managed to squeeze just a little more juice out of it. In retrospect, perhaps I should have just switched it then. Long story short, I ran 1 mile yesterday. Not my 4 but I am really happy for the 1 strong mile I put in before returning to Mommy duties.

Therefore, today I was very committed to get my miles in and took those missed miles from yesterday and added them to today...hence, the 5 mile pyramid run.

I loved the run. My steps felt springy. My mental state was fantastic and I even shouted out a few whoo-hoo's here and there. It must have become contagious because soon my daughter was shouting her own whoo-hoo's of support and giving me a "go mommy go GO!" every now and then. I can't imagine one thing in the world that could have made today's run even better!

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