Tempo Intervals

My training plan today called for running tempo intervals. The distance goal was 6-7 miles; however, I didn't run that distance and perhaps I needed a longer warm-up and cool-down in order to achieve the distance with the scheduled number of intervals.

Here is how the run went (and it was all at a 10% incline):
  • Warm-up
  • 6 minutes at tempo pace (x4)
  • 2-3 minute rest at recovery pace
  • Cool down
The end-result was 4.08 miles and I was exhausted at the end. The last tempo interval had me wanting to ease the pace but I stuck to my plan and finished the 6 minutes. If my daughter wasn't getting squirmy I am sure I would have toughed it out and rounded out the mileage; however, she deserves my attention too. So my plan is to tackle 3 miles later today....perhaps after a friend's going away party later this afternoon.

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