Running Almost Naked......

Yesterday I tossed my training plan to the side (figuratively speaking of course....it is still clearly posted on my freezer door) and started my run after work.

My plan's goal was to run 7-8 miles but I felt what was really needed was some running fun. So I freed myself from any distance goals, freed myself from any running plan, and made sure my Nike+ was not going to tell me which mile I was on. I was not going to worry about pace. I was going to run free and naked! 

But in all reality, I couldn't go all the way in my freeness. I still wanted to hear my tunes and kept my Nike+ on to track the end result, but the mile counter was indeed turned off and I resisted all temptations to check in on my pace with the simple touch of a button.

My new goal was to just run for 60 minutes, follow my heart, and have fun. And it was fun! I even think my ponytail was bouncing more freely! And I ran at a pace that was feeling good to my body, not over challenging, just fun and nice.

Prior to the run, I did drink a Gatorade PRIME01 and consumed three PowerBar Energy Blasts (berry flavored) during the run. The end result was 7.27 miles with an average pace of 8'37" (remember, I did mention I let my Nike+ do its stuff....just didn't peak until the end). My splits are below and notice, I do love the negative splits and seem to run them even when it isn't the plan. And I really did push the final 0.27 miles, not represented in the splits.

My mental state: Awesome! It was just wanted I needed to unwind and get motivated for a long run today.

And what about my run today? Guess what? Postponed. It seems I have caught my daughter's eye infection and woke to a "glued" shut eye. I do realize the guideline is that if the illness is above the neck, you are good to run, but for some reason, one blurry, achy, itchy eye didn't seem like a good running companion to me. But I am confident I will be good to go for the long run tomorrow and may squeeze in a shorter run later tonight in the comfort of my home....if the eye permits. Until then, I will try to avoid rubbing my eye and try to not feel too sad inside for having to postpone the long run. I really was looking forward to it!


  1. Negative (or close to even) splits is the way to go in the marathon as well. It helps your mental state, and makes it a much more enjoyable experience. The hard part for 26.2 miles is having the patience and disciple to do it. Keep up the healthy training.

  2. Thanks Matt! I will definitely stick to my training plan and remember to keep patient and focused and really appreciate your feedback and support. It seems my one overriding issue right now is not feeling guilty for not doing other things when running the longer distances.


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