Run #2 for Sunday

Yesterday I ended up running two runs to achieve my distance goal of 6 to 7 miles. To read more about the first run, click HERE.

My second run occurred at almost 6:00 pm, after going to a going away party for a dear friend, a co-worker and a gym companion. She will indeed be greatly missed but she is on the beginning of an exciting new journey for herself.

I ended up doing a lopsided pyramid run in this style - 1:1:3:3:2:1. Each step of the pyramid was equal in duration but differed in intensity. My distance for run #2 was 2.43 miles. It was a great run and my body felt like I could have kept on going but alas, I promised my daughter some afters (aka dessert) after I got her washed up in the shower.

What was for afters? Dried bananas that my daughter and I made with our newly purchased dehydrator. Trust me, listening to it all day is worth it! Plus she got a marshmallow and a cup of non-fat chocolate milk. This was my version of milk, chocolate, and bananas she requested. I make the chocolate milk too with store bought syrup (calcium enriched) and she only gets a teeny squirt.

Overall distance for Sunday: 6.51 miles.

My mental state: Ironically, my mental state during my runs was good and I had the mental stamina to push through the challenges of the tempo intervals and the determination to do my second run. And I say ironically because overall I seemed to be off kilter yesterday with an underlying edginess.

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